Scaffolding Ladder Jacks in Building System

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Various Types of Scaffolding Ladder Jacks

Scaffolding Ladder Jacks are basically divided into four types.

The following six types of Scaffolding Ladder Jacks are an extension of these four types, making it easier to understand Scaffolding Ladder Jacks

The Specificaiton Determine The Quality of Scaffolding Ladder Jacks

1. The width and length of the ladder is 1524*2133mm

2. The specification of the stairs with guardrail is 48*3620mm

3. The distance between the two of Scaffolding With Stairs is 3048mm

4. The surface treatment of the Scaffolding With Stairs system is powder-coated

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    What are the benefits of Scaffolding Ladder Jacks

    A Scaffolding Ladder jacks are independent devices with a working platform.

    Scaffolding Ladder jacks can easily allow workers to move from one location to another. Not only that, Scaffolding Ladder jacks is a set of popular aerial work equipment because they allow users to work safely with both hands.

    And in the construction of workers, Scaffolding Ladder jacks can also greatly increase safety during construction. When high-rise construction is not required, Scaffolding Ladder jacks are also more convenient for workers to step on.

    Delivery Time
    According to the quantity and specifications, it usually takes 3-5 weeks
    Supply Area
    Our Scaffolding Ladder jacks support global shipments, just provide the port name
    Specification Match
    We will match the Scaffolding Ladder jacks according to the height and width you need
    Payment Terms
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    Basic Production Requirements For Scaffolding Ladder jacks

    In recent years, best practices and more and more regulations have supported the use of Scaffolding Ladder jacks in general construction activities. The Health and Safety Executive pointed out that stairs are the lowest level of safety control. If it is unreasonable and feasible to use other work equipment to prevent or reduce falls, it is reasonable to use Scaffolding Ladder jacks.

    In order to successfully climb Scaffolding Ladder jacks, workers need to have a certain point of contact at all times, so when choosing a Scaffolding Ladder jacks, make sure that there are handrails on both sides, and the handrails can be adjusted to the correct height.

    In order to maintain stability, there must also be a lock pin so that the stairs can be kept at the correct angle. The bottom of the longitudinal material should be designed to prevent slippage, and the tread should have a rough non-slip surface to provide additional grip. The stability provided by all these functions enables workers to move safely and comfortably.


    1. What is Scaffolding Ladder Jacks?

    Scaffolding Ladder Jacks is a system designed to perform activities, such as: installing building exteriors, decorations and finishes. Scaffolding Ladder Jacks also called “jacks” are connected to portable ladders and used on each side of the Scaffolding Ladder Jacks, Form the support device of the platform.

    2. What do you use Scaffolding Ladder Jacks for?

    The Scaffolding Ladder jacks are a tool commonly used by construction workers when working at heights and is used to build temporary scaffolding between two ladders. The Scaffolding Ladder Jacks is a triangular device.

    3. What are the characteristics of Scaffolding Ladder Jacks?

    ①The Scaffolding Ladder Jacks is light, strong and easy to use.
    ②Designed for quick on-site adjustment
    ③Scaffolding Ladder Jacks is installed on both sides of the telescopic ladder to help fix the entire Scaffolding Ladder Jacks system.

    4. What are Scaffolding Ladder Jacks?

    Scaffolding Ladder Jacks are attached to portable ladders, which are used to each side of a scaffolding. The Scaffolding Ladder Jacks are used to support for a platform, in order to make it hard and stable.

    5. How to use Scaffolding Ladder Jacks?

    Inspect all Scaffolding Ladder Jacks components for damage.
    Verify that all parts of Scaffolding Ladder Jacks are working and ensure that all nuts are tightened.
    If using two-or-three-rung Scaffold Ladder jacks, ensure that the rectangular brackets are fitted securely onto the ladder rungs.

    6. What are the suggested guidelines of Scaffolding Ladder Jacks?

    The maximum intended load for scaffolding Ladder Jacks is 25lb/ft².
    No more than two workers may occupy a platform at any one time.
    The maximum span between supports is 8 feet.

    7. What is a Scaffolding Ladder Jacks?

    Scaffolding Ladder Jacks is an accessory designed to be used on ladders. A triangular bracket called “Scaffolding Ladder Jacks” is connected to a portable ladder. It is used on one side of the ladder jack scaffold, or is placed on the wall or directly installed on the ladder. Support device used to form a platform.

    8. What do you use Scaffolding Ladder Jacks for?

    The Scaffolding Ladder Jacks is a tool commonly used by construction workers when working at high places. It is mainly used to build a small temporary platform between two ladders. The Scaffolding Ladder Jacks is a triangular device to ensure its stability.

    9. What are the advantages of Scaffolding Ladder Jacks?

    For the Scaffolding Ladder Jacks, it is light weight, because of its triangular shape, it makes the scaffold strong, small in size, easy to use and carry, and it is specially designed for quickly arranging the construction site.
    Fix the platform on the Scaffolding Ladder Jacks and tie the ropes supporting the ladder together to ensure the safety of the entire system.

    10. Scaffolding Ladder Jacks is it composed of?

    Scaffolding Ladder Jacks The jack base is made of spiral pipes and sheet metal plates and assembled with cast nuts.

    11. Where can the Scaffolding Ladder Jacks be used?

    Scaffolding Ladder Jacks has a supported scaffolding system, ring lock scaffolding system, cup lock scaffolding system, kwikstage scaffolding system, haki scaffolding system, pipe clamp scaffolding system, and formwork system to flexibly adjust the height of the construction system.

    12. How to use the Scaffolding Ladder Jackssupport?

    The Scaffolding Ladder Jacks is a kind of Scaffolding Ladder Jacks used to fix the scaffold in place horizontally.
    Scaffolding Ladder Jacks adjustable screw jack is mounted on a stable base and contains a large adjustable screw for moving the scaffold up and down.
    After the scaffold is built, use the foundation Scaffolding Ladder Jacks to level the working platform before use.
    Scaffolding Ladder Jacks is designed to be used in conjunction with adjustable system scaffolding.

    13. What is Scaffolding Ladder Jacks?

    Scaffolding Ladder Jacks is a simple device consisting of a platform resting on brackets attached to a ladder. Scaffolding Ladder Jacks are primarily used in light applications because of their portability and cost-effectiveness.

    14. Where are our Scaffolding Ladder Jacks used?

    Scaffolding Ladder Jacks have such a multipurpose function inside and outside the house. From changing a bulb to pruning branches off the tree in your yard, Scaffolding Ladder Jacks can do a lot. There should be a ladder or two in every tool shed or garage of a household.

    15. Is the Scaffolding Ladder jack removable?

    Now just as you have put the scaffolding on the ladder, you can take it down. Jacks can just be lifted off the steps and removed easily. And you can store everything in a garage or shed without trouble.



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