Scaffolding Ledger in Building System

TSX Popular countries for Scaffolding Ledger

  • North America - United States
  • Southeast Asia - Philippines
  • North America - El Salvador
  • South America - Chile

Various Types of Scaffolding Ledger

Scaffolding Ledger is basically divided into four types.

The following six types of Scaffolding Ledger are an extension of these four types, making it easier to understand Scaffolding Ledger.

Easy to move baker Scaffolding Ledger
Door Type of Scaffolding Ledger is suitable for high-rise buildings
Ladder - Scaffolding Ledger can be used for temporary support
Ring Lock Scaffolding Ledger can reach up to 80 floors
This type of Scaffolding Ledger is suitable for the Singapore market
This type of Scaffolding Ledger is suitable for the UK market

The Specificaiton Determine The Quality of Scaffolding With Stairs

1. The width and length of the ladder is 1524*2133mm

2. The specification of the stairs with guardrail is 48*3620mm

3. The distance between the two of Scaffolding Ledger is 3048mm

4. The surface treatment of the Scaffolding Ledger system is powder-coated

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    What are the advantages of a Scaffolding Ledger system?

    The two most significant advantages of Scaffolding Ledger system are easy installation and flexibility.
    It only takes a few minutes to lift the Scaffolding Ledger system and fix them to a suitable position at an angle of 30 to 55 degrees.
    The installation method for the Scaffolding With Stairs system is simple and does not waste time.
    Regarding flexibility, construction companies can install the Stairs outside the scaffolding system, allowing workers to smoothly enter the Scaffolding Ledger system or other locations.
    If the construction team digs holes underground or performs foundation works, they can continue to add the Scaffolding Ledger system to accommodate the ever-increasing depth.
    Most importantly, this eliminates the need to move the Scaffolding Ledger system out and put them in a new set of stairs, thus saving time and cost.

    Delivery Time
    According to the quantity and specifications, it usually takes 3-5 weeks
    Supply Area
    Our Scaffolding Ledger support global shipments, just provide the port name
    Specification Match
    We will match the Scaffolding Ledger according to the height and width you need
    Payment Terms
    About Scaffolding Ledger, support TT, L/C, credit card, Western Union, paypal, etc

    Basic Production Requirements For Scaffolding Ledger

    In recent years, best practices and more and more regulations have supported the use of Scaffolding Ledger in general construction activities. The Health and Safety Executive pointed out that stairs are the lowest level of safety control. If it is unreasonable and feasible to use other work equipment to prevent or reduce falls, it is reasonable to use Scaffolding Ledger.

    In order to successfully climb a Scaffolding Ledger, workers need to have a certain point of contact at all times, so when choosing a Scaffolding Ledger, make sure that there are handrails on both sides, and the handrails can be adjusted to the correct height.

    In order to maintain stability, there must also be a lock pin so that the stairs can be kept at the correct angle. The bottom of the longitudinal material should be designed to prevent slippage, and the tread should have a rough non-slip surface to provide additional grip. The stability provided by all these functions enables workers to move safely and comfortably.


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