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Scaffold Wheels Type

The following content shows the conventional styles and dimensions of Tower Scaffold Wheels.

The Details Determine The Quality of Scaffold Wheels



Size: 6 inches or 8 inches
Material: Plastic or Steel


This brake tower caster is made of metal with rubber tires and is 6 inches or 8 inches long to move your scaffold. The casters are connected to the scaffold to form a mobile workstation. Each scaffolding requires four casters.

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    TSX Tower Scaffold Wheels For Sale

    Using this Tower Scaffold Wheels, you can move the scaffold flexibly and fix it firmly.

    The Tower Scaffold Wheels are cost-effective, durable and easy to install. Suitable for indoor and outdoor construction needs.


    1. What is the function of Tower Scaffold Wheels?

    The purpose of the Scaffold Wheels is to move the scaffold.
    You can move the scaffold Wheels anywhere in your work area.
    Scaffold Wheels can help you save a lot of time by saving you from having to reassemble at another location.

    2. Are Tower Scaffold Wheels safe?

    Scaffold Wheels are very safe and you don’t want to move them when you’re working in one place.
    There’s a latch on the wheels, and when it’s locked, it stays in one place, and it doesn’t swipe away.

    3. What are Tower Scaffold Wheels made of?

    Scaffold Wheels have plastic and steel, plastic weight is relatively light, the price is cheaper.
    The quality of steel is better and its price is higher than that of plastic.

    4. What are the advantages of TSX Tower Scaffold Wheels?

    Our Scaffold Wheels can rotate 360°.
    Scaffold Wheels dual-function brake prevents rolling and rotation.
    Scaffold Wheels Grease joints (grease plugs) are lubricated as needed to extend service life.

    5. Are there any standard sizes for Tower Scaffold Wheels?

    Tower Scaffold Wheels and casters are equipped with industry-standard 1-3/8″ x 4″ and 1/2″ cross-drilled holes-2-1/2″ from the base rod.
    These Tower Scaffold Wheels are a universal replacement for most rolling scaffolding units.
    Tower Scaffold Wheels are available in 6″ x 2″ and 8″ x 2″ dimensions.
    If you do not need to replace the entire Scaffold Wheels, you can also purchase the Scaffold Wheels separately.

    6. Does TSX’s Tower Scaffold Wheels use craftsmanship to ensure the safe use of the wheels?

    All Tower Scaffold Wheels are equipped with steel threaded protective covers as a standard upgrade to extend the service life of Scaffold Wheels and bearings and prevent dust and debris from interfering with roller bearings.
    Tower Scaffold Wheels brakes are easy to engage in and disengage.
    Tower Scaffold Wheels are fully locked, which means that when the brakes are engaged, the Scaffold Wheels and swivel joints will be locked at the same time.

    7. What are the hot-selling materials of Tower Scaffold Wheels?

    The two popular styles of Scaffold Wheels are steel scaffolding wheels and rubber Scaffold Wheels, which need to be selected according to different environments and the required bearing capacity.
    If you are not sure which kind of Tower Scaffold Wheels do you want, please contact us.

    8. What are the advantages of Tower Scaffold Wheels?

    Tower Scaffold Wheels are Easy to use.
    Tower Scaffold Wheels are suitable for quick installation.
    Tower Scaffold Wheels are Very suitable for industrial applications, such as storage, medical equipment, construction, etc.
    Tower Scaffold Wheels are also suitable for households to carry kitchen equipment, furniture, and trolleys.
    Tower Scaffold Wheels are Flexible and quiet.
    Tower The Scaffold Wheels rotate 360 degrees, which makes it possible to rotate the matching equipment.
    Tower Scaffold Wheels can BE easily switched to any direction as needed, and you can move on with very little effort.
    Enjoy THE smooth and quiet operation for the Tower Scaffold Wheels.

    9. Are the Tower Scaffold Wheels safe?

    A set of scaffolding requires 4 Tower Scaffold Wheels, and Tower Scaffold Wheels have an efficient brake.
    The brake locks the Tower Scaffold Wheels and turntable at the same time, effectively stopping and preventing the device from moving and hurting others.

    10. What are the main benefits of your Tower Scaffold Wheels?

    One of the best advantages of our Tower Scaffold Wheels is that these movable structures of Tower Scaffold Wheels are very portable.
    The Tower Scaffold wheels or casters on which the platforms are based can be easily moved from one place to another with a simple push or pull.

    11. Which models are popular with your Tower Scaffold Wheels?

    There are two popular models of Tower Scaffold Wheels in our company, one is 6 inches, the other is 8 inches.
    The welding technique of our Scaffold Wheels is metal welding, except it, our Tower Scaffold Wheels have different colors.

    12. Does your company has Tower Scaffold Wheels in stock?

    Our company has a large stock of Tower Scaffold Wheels, all kinds of common models.
    Our company has sufficient raw materials for Tower Scaffold Wheels, and the production time is 1-3 weeks according to experience.

    13. What are the safety rules for Tower Scaffold Wheels?

    When moving the Tower Scaffold Wheels, it should meet specific standards to avoid injury or accidents.
    Moving the Tower Scaffold Wheels is to stabilize the scaffold to prevent tipping.

    14. Do scaffolding need Tower Scaffold Wheels?

    Yes, the Tower Scaffold Wheels can push the scaffold to meet the requirements of construction work.
    Tower Scaffold Wheels Bring convenience to workers’ work.

    15. What are Tower Scaffold Wheels?

    Tower Scaffold Wheels is a kind of caster, the material of the Tower Scaffold Wheels is iron and plastic, used to move and fix any scaffolding unit.

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