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Scaffold Tube of various types

Scaffold Tube can be cut to any size you need. The cutting length is in accordance with the standards of EN BS 10255 and BS EN 10217-1.

Types of Scaffold Tube

Circular Galvanized Pipe
Circular Scaffold Tube
Steel Galvanized Pipe
Steel Scaffold Tube
Smooth Galvanized Pipe
Smooth Scaffold Tube
Square Galvanized Pipe
Square Scaffold Tube

Scaffold Tube Commodity Bulk Display

  • The strong supply capacity of Scaffold Tube
  • Scaffold Tube Bulk goods display
  • The strong supply capacity of Scaffold Tube
  • Scaffold Tube range in length from 1 m to 12 m
  • The mechanized production and loading and unloading of Scaffold Tube

Scaffold Tube Factory

1. Scaffold Tube mainly used in the construction industry.

2. Scaffold Tube can be used for welding frame, buried wire pipe and conveying fluid, etc

3. According to the surface treatment, Scaffold Tube can be divided into black Scaffold Tube, galvanized Scaffold Tube, and Hot Dip Galvanized Scaffold Tube.

TSX Scaffold Tube to meet your Project Need

Scaffold Tube is widely used in construction projects.

Scaffold Tube including Round Galvanized Scaffold Tube, Square, and Rectangular Scaffold Tube.

Galvanized Pipe including Electro Galvanized Scaffold Tube, Pre-Galvanized Scaffold Tube, and Hot Dip Galvanized Scaffold Tube.

According to different Market requests, we can provide different Standards Scaffold Tube based on different market clients’ requests, Including GB, JIS, EN, BS and etc.


1. What is Scaffold Tube?

Scaffold Tube (commonly known as pipe clamp support) is multifunctional support composed of steel pipe and clamp. This type of stent is usually used where unlimited versatility is required. In many countries, it is common in architecture.

2. What is the longest Scaffold Tube?

The longest scaffold tube is 21 feet.
Galvanized supports are available in sizes up to 21 ft / 6.4 m long. Tube diameter: wall thickness 48.3 x 4.0mm.

3. How much weight can a Scaffold Tube hold?

The three main types of scaffolding loads include light (120 kg per square meter), medium (240 kg per square meter) and heavy (240 kg per square meter). Scaffold Tube can carry up to 4 times the minimum foundation width (ratio 4:1).

4. What is a Scaffold Tube and coupler?

The scaffold composed of Scaffold tubes and couplers is a platform supported by galvanized Scaffold Tube, and couplers are used to connect various parts. This kind of scaffold composed of galvanized Scaffold Tube can be assembled in multiple directions, with simple structure, convenient construction, and very suitable For architectural environments with irregular dimensions or contours.

5. When do you need to check the scaffold composed of Scaffold Tube?

All working platforms and protective devices should be inspected before each use when there are major changes, and after heavy rain, strong wind, heavy snow and other severe weather. This is because all the above factors will affect the strength and safety of the Scaffold Tube. Each part of the scaffold composed of Scaffold Tube should also be checked regularly. We recommend once a week to make sure it is still safe.

6. Can the scaffold composed of Scaffold Tube be used on uneven ground?

In most cases, it is no problem to arrange a scaffold composed of Scaffold Tube on uneven ground. We use an accurate measurement design system according to the needs of the project to ensure that the top of the scaffolding system and the surface where people stand or place equipment remain completely level. The length of the rod may vary, which is also one of the benefits of using Scaffold Tube.

7. Scaffold Tube for sale

The Scaffold Tube is the core of any scaffolding tower.
Scaffold Tubes are your main supports, walls, and horizontal and vertical beams.
Scaffold tubes vary in length and thickness and can be purchased in bulk for your next project.

8. Where can Scaffold Tube be used?

Scaffold Tube are cylindrical pipes made of steel and have many uses in manufacturing and infrastructure.
Scaffold Tube are the most used products in the steel industry. The main purpose of pipelines is to transport liquids or gases underground-including oil, natural gas, and water.
However, Scaffold Tube of different sizes are used throughout the manufacturing and construction process.

9.How are Scaffold Tube made?

From melting raw materials to forming or welding, this ubiquitous Scaffold Tube is created through two main processes:
Scaffold Tube processes must start with the manufacture of high-quality steel. Raw steel is produced by a foundry through the process of melting raw materials in a furnace.
In order to make Scaffold Tube composition completely correct, you can add elements to the molten metal and remove impurities.
Scaffold Tube resulting molten steel is poured into a mold to make steel ingots or transferred to a continuous caster to make slabs, billets and blooms.

10. What are Scaffold Tube made of?

Scaffold Tube are normally made from steel or aluminum. The type of Scaffold Tube
used is typically hot-rolled steel. In special circumstances where there is a risk from live overhead electric cables, filament-wound Scaffold Tube of glass fibre in a nylon or polyester matrix can be used

11. What Scaffold Tube size do you have?

We stock a large range of Scaffold Tube for sale with 5ft, 7ft, 8ft and 10ft lengths available off the shelf.  We can cut your Scaffold Tube to any size, add the cutting list at check out and we’ll do the cutting for you.

12. How do I keep my Scaffold Tube from rusting?

The best way to protect against metal-to-metal corrosion is to insulate the metal. For Scaffold Tube, consider installing insulators, such as wear pads or pipe shoes. Insulators add a buffer between metals, so the metal stays durable longer.

13. What are the advantages of the Scaffold tubes?

①There are 2 types of Scaffold tubes, square pipes and round pipes, which can meet your different needs.
②The Scaffold Tube is durable, light in weight, and high in strength.
③The Scaffold Tube is galvanized to reduce rust and corrosion, thereby prolonging the life of the product.

14. What is the difference between Galvanized Scaffold Tube and Black Scaffold Tube?

Galvanized Scaffold tubes have a protective galvanized coating that helps prevent corrosion, rust and the accumulation of mineral deposits, thereby extending the service life of the pipeline. Galvanized Scaffold Tube is commonly used for plumbing and other water supply applications.

The black-coated Scaffold Tube has an all-black finish. Because of its high heat resistance, it is usually used in fire sprinkler systems. Black Scaffold Tube is also widely used in other water delivery applications, including drinking water and gas pipelines.

15. What are the application areas of the Scaffold Tube?

As one of the most widely used materials on earth, steel has excellent strength, toughness and durability. Scaffold Tube is a versatile, cost-effective solution suitable for a wide range of applications, including:
①Scaffold Tube can be used in industrial buildings.
②Scaffold Tube can be used in underground piping systems.
③Scaffold Tube can be used for gas and fluid transmission lines, etc.

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