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Scaffold Tube Fittings

The following content shows the conventional styles and dimensions of Scaffold Tube Fittings

The Details Determine The Quality of Scaffold Tube Fittings

1. Scaffold Tube Fittings of Type: Fixed or Swivel

2. Scaffold Tube Fittings Caliber: 48.6mm

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    Scaffold Tube Fittings are mainly used for building construction work parts. Since the main purpose of using a connector is to make a proper connection or to install scaffolding at the workplace, it is also used to transfer weight loads from another place by relying on the friction between the connector and the steel pipe. Scaffold Tube Fittings are many different types of scaffolding connectors, widely used in a variety of designs and sizes to secure construction work on site, and also play an important role in assisting.

    With the continuous innovation of advanced methods and new practices in industrial technology, the development of various new types of scaffolding has promoted new designs and structures that surpassed advanced methods, and its advanced user selection and application surpassed more and more scaffolding tools. Scaffold Tube Fittings provide a correspondingly designed basic fitting for connecting or installing two scaffolding tubes, for creating different designs or a range of scaffolding structures, or as equipment for bracing or prefabricated scaffolding systems.

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    1. What is the use of Scaffold Tube Fittings?

    Scaffold Tube Fittings are mainly scaffolding clamps, which are used to fix pipe joints on the scaffolding. Scaffold Tube Fittings are devices used at the joints between pipes on a scaffolding structure to hold those pipes in place.

    2. What size is Scaffold Tube?

    Scaffold Tube shall be manufactured in accordance with EN39 or STK400 and shall be galvanized steel. They should be 48.3mm in diameter and have a thickness of 2.0mm – 4.0mm. The Scaffold Tube should be visually straight and not deviate by more than 15mm over any 3m length. This is where the tube is used as a means of striking another object.

    3. What are the standards for Scaffold Tube Fittings?

    The hot-selling standards for Scaffold Tube Fittings mainly include EN74, BS1139, and JIS. Among them, British-style couplers are suitable for countries such as Europe and the United States, while Japanese-style couplers are suitable for Asian and African countries.

    4. What is Scaffold Tube Fittings?
    Scaffold Tube Fittings is including scaffold clamp and scaffold jack base.

    5. How many manufacturing arts do you have on Scaffold Tube Fittings?

    There are two manufacturing arts to produce Scaffold Tube Fittings. One is a swivel cast, the other is stamped.

    6. What is the MOQ of your Scaffold Tube Fittings?

    Our MOQ of Scaffold Tube Fittings is one 20 ft container. Because the sea freight is too high, it isn’t deserve to buy a little.

    7. Scaffold Tube Fittings for sale

    The Scaffold Tube Fittings is the core of any scaffolding tower.
    Scaffold Tube Fittings are your main supports, walls, and horizontal and vertical beams.
    Scaffold Tube Fittings vary in length and thickness and can be purchased in bulk for your next project.

    8. Where can Scaffold Tube Fittings be used?

    Scaffold Tube Fittings are cylindrical pipes made of steel and have many uses in manufacturing and infrastructure.
    Scaffold Tube Fittings are the most used products in the steel industry. The main purpose of pipelines is to transport liquids or gases underground-including oil, natural gas, and water.
    However, Scaffold Tube Fittings of different sizes are used throughout the manufacturing and construction process.

    9. How are Scaffold Tube Fittings made?

    From melting raw materials to forming or welding, this ubiquitous Scaffold Tube Fittings is created through two main processes:
    Scaffold Tube Fittings processes must start with the manufacture of high-quality steel. Raw steel is produced by a foundry through the process of melting raw materials in a furnace.
    In order to make Scaffold Tube Fitting’s composition completely correct, you can add elements to the molten metal and remove impurities.
    Scaffold Tube Fittings resulting molten steel is poured into a mold to make steel ingots or transferred to a continuous caster to make slabs, billets and blooms.

    10. What is Scaffold Tube Fittings?

    Scaffold Tube Fittings and Pipes refers to scaffolding and support frames that are built for construction and are loaded by fasteners and steel pipes, collectively referred to as scaffolding. The fasteners are bolted fastening connectors, named Scaffold Tube Fittings.

    11. What is the size of the Scaffold Tube Fittings?

    Scaffold Tube Fittings generally use international standardφ48.6*48.6 Scaffold Tube Fittings, Q235 material. Each Scaffold Tube Fittings weighs 0.65kg or 1.1kg.

    12. What types of Scaffold Tube Fittings are there?

    Scaffold Tube Fittings are the connecting parts between the steel pipes. There are four common Scaffold Tube Fittings types. Right angle Scaffold Tube Fittings, Swivel Scaffold Tube Fittings, SleeveScaffold Tube Fittings, Putlog Scaffold Tube Fittings.

    13. What is the purpose of the Scaffold Tube Fittings?

    Scaffold Tube Fittings are used to hold the pipes of a scaffold together. Scaffold Tube Fittings are used to connect structural elements. There are different types of Scaffold Tube Fittings available to connect beams or beams to standard or beam to beam. Powerful Scaffolding Scaffold Tube Fittings’ capabilities are primarily used to assemble the basic components of scaffolding, where as standard Ringlock scaffolding, brackets or ties are joined together by specially designed connectors.

    14. Why choose our Scaffold Tube Fittings?

    Scaffold Tube Fittings are connecting parts that connect two structural parts. In construction projects, it is widely used to fix steel pipe scaffolding. Our Scaffold Tube Fittings are manufactured using modern rapid production systems. Scaffold Tube Fittings material used is mainly steel. We implement a strict quality assurance policy. All Scaffold Tube Fittings in our factory are tested for corrosion resistance with a full zinc coating.

    15. What is Scaffold Tube Fittings?

    Scaffold Tube Fittings are essentially the basic components used to assemble tube coupler scaffolding. Scaffold Tube Fittings Scaffolding is defined as “a scaffold in which individual circular tubes serving as standards, supports or tie rods are joined together by specially designed couplers”.

    Scaffolding is a common auxiliary tool for construction, and the Scaffolding Tube Fittings is used to fix the steel pipe scaffolding.

    16. What are the material requirements for good Scaffolding Tube Fittings?
    Because the erection of Scaffolding Tube Fittings should not only meet the operation needs of workers but also meet the stable and durable characteristics of scaffolding, so strong and hard steel is the best material choice for Scaffolding Tube Fittings.

    17. What are your advantages about Scaffolding Tube Fittings?
    Our advantages about Scaffolding Tube Fittings mainly showed in four ways: available for customized, perfect corrosion resistance, perfect processing performance and widely used on steel structure construction.


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