Safe and Reliable Scaffold Sale
Certified By SGS/Sac/Stork/Element
  • Adjustable Props SGS Certificate
  • Adjustable Props Certificate
  • Building Props Stork
  • Building Prop Element

High Quality Scaffold Sale

  • More Than 10 Years Scaffold Sale
  • Scaffold Sale With Quality Contro
  • Scaffold Sale With Moderate Price
  • Scaffold Sale With Professional Team

Accessories Of Scaffolds For Sale

  • Wheel: Steel or Plastic
  • Base Jack: Hollow or Solid
  • Joint Pin: 225mm*36mm*1.5mm
  • Cross Brace: 2198mm*22mm*1.5mm

Packing Of Scaffold Sale

TSX Scaffold Sale


For many years, we have been manufacturing scaffold sale, this time we developed a variety of safety systems, and now we use these systems in our products. We know that when you use scaffolding, safety is the most important thing.

TSX pays attention to the requirements of modern city construction, and strives to provide customers with advanced technology and reasonably priced products, and provide customers with good technical support and pre-sales and after-sales services. We hope to create a better future with our customers!


1. What is the purpose of Scaffold Sale?

Scaffold Sale is a temporary platform used to lift and support workers and materials during construction, repair, or cleaning of structures or machines for Scaffold Sale.
The Scaffold Sale can be moved flexibly to facilitate construction and improve efficiency.

2. Could you design a logo Scaffold Sale for me?

Sure, We can provide you with choices and suggestions for Scaffold Sales, such as Logo color, content, and size.
We can meet most of your requirements about the Scaffold Sale, any request can be discussed and communicated with us at any time.

3. What’s a set of Scaffold Sales included?

For the normal Frame Scaffold Sale, one set including 2 pcs Frames Scaffold+2 pcs of Scaffold cross brace+ 4 pcs of Scaffold joint pin+ 1 pc of scaffold steel plank+ 4 pcs of Scaffold Wheels.
Scaffold U Head and Scaffold Jack Base also can be for your choice.

4. What should I pay attention to when scaffold Sale?

1)Make all plans before the sound Scaffold Sale to ensure that the Scaffold Acrow Props can be used properly.
2)Personnel with the necessary knowledge and experience to safely complete the adjustment work of the placement of the Scaffold Sale.
3)Consult the architect or other person in charge about the supporting weight to be Scaffold Sale.

5. What protective equipment do I need to wear when Scaffold Sale?

You should wear the following personal protective equipment when using the Scaffold Sale: Scaffold safety boots (EN345 or BS1870/4972), Scaffold safety helmet-EN397 or BS5240, Scaffold safety helmet (EN397 or BS5240), and Scaffold gloves.

6. Who can use the Scaffold Sale?

1)These Scaffold Sales must not be used by minors or anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Support props are designed for healthy adults.
2)Anyone who is temporarily or permanently disabled must seek expert advice before Scaffold Sale.

7. How to check the transportation status of the Scaffold Sale?

After the scaffold is loaded into the container, you can check the logistics of the scaffold on the shipping company’s official website according to the container number, or we can also check the transportation status of the Scaffold Sale for you.

8. Which countries are your Scaffold Sale to?

Our Scaffold Sale range is global, among which, our main market is South America and Europe.

9. How does the Scaffold Sale to me help my business?

The purpose of Scaffold Sale is that working on scaffolding is easier and safer than working on ladders. It is very stable, forms a wide working platform, and provides a wide range of coverage. No need to move the ladder often, you will do better in half the time.

10. What are the Scaffold Sale products related to?

Apart from Scaffold Sale products, other scaffold products such as Scaffold acrow prop, Scaffold accessories also can be for your choice.

11. Do you provide free samples for the scaffold sale?

We can provide a free sample for our Scaffold Sale if we have the sample in stock, but the buyer needs to pay the freight for the scaffold sale.

12. Does the Scaffold Sale size can be customized?

Yes, OEM Scaffold Sale products are available in TSX Scaffold Group, We can customize the Scaffold Sale according to your requirement.

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