Scaffold Frame

  • A set of ladder h door frame scaffolding has 2 pieces of welded frames,2 pairs of cross braces,4 pieces of joint pins.
  • Scaffold Frame H door frame scaffolding system is a type of light-duty scaffolding system which can support the heavy-duty concrete slab.
  • Light duty ladder scaffold Frame can be used with a u-head jack to support the concrete slab, it also can be used with scaffolding castor wheels for outside mason construction.
  • Matching accessories of ladder Scaffold Frame are u-head jack, jack base, ladder, walk board, safety net, adjustable or fixed wheel.

Scaffold Frame

Scaffold Frame

name Scaffold Frame
Place of Origin Tianjin ,China
Brand name  TSX Group
Size 1219x1700mm.914x1700mm or as per your requested
Main Material Q235, Q195 etc;
Surface Treatment High Protected Painted, Powder Coating, Electric Galvanized, Hot Dip Galvanized etc
Color powder coated by any color .or Galvanized .or Hot dipped galvanized
Certificate SGS/EN1065/TUV
Features Automatic Welding
Service OEM Service available
MOQ 100sets
Payment T/T,L/C Western Union MoneyGram etc
Delivery Time About 20days after confirmation
Packing In bulk or steel pallet or as your request
Production capability 5000 tons/weeks

Galvanized Scaffolding Step Frame 1

Scaffold Frame

Introduction to Scaffold Frame :

Affordable steel scaffolding frames and towers provide stepped or Scaffolding frames of various heights and widths to suit almost all construction Scaffolding projects.


What is the use of a Scaffold Frame?

Scaffolding Accessories such as wheels and leveling jacks allow you to build scaffolding on a variety of terrains and uneven surfaces.


What does the complete Scaffold Frame tower include?

The Scaffolding tower provides a complete Scaffolding set, up to two parts high, with safety guardrails, platforms, casters, and leveling jacks.

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    1. Does scaffolding need to be attached to the building?

    In general, most Scaffold Frames need to be tied to a permanent platform. There are exceptions where there is a necessity for a Scaffold Frame to be designed without any ties.

    2. What are the types of Scaffold frames?

    The types of Scaffold frames are walkthrough and ladder frames.
    The size of the Scaffold Frame can be customized according your need.

    3. Do you have an inventory of Scaffold frames?

    We have a lot of inventory of Scaffold Frames.
    If you are shopping for new scaffolding, we are confident that we carry the best frame for your next project.
    If you are looking to add to your Scaffold Frame inventory, it is very likely we have a frame match for your existing scaffolding.

    4. Introduction to Scaffold Frame:

    The Scaffold Frame system is an important part of building construction, especially high-rise buildings.
    A scaffold Frame is a temporary building structure used to reach heights that cannot be reached by humans.
    The purpose is to help build or maintain the structure.

    5. How does Scaffold Frame make it easier for workers to work?

    A scaffold Frame is a temporary platform, supported from below or suspended from above, on which workers stand when working at a height above the ground.
    Building and construction work may require a variety of Scaffold frames to work easily.
    The range of Scaffold frame can range from a single plank placed on a structural member of a building to scaffolding involving patents.

    6. How does our factory extend the life cycle of Scaffold Frame from the manufacturing process?

    Usually, the Scaffold Frame we manufacture is made of hot-dip galvanized steel, which has long-term corrosion resistance, will not rot, absorb moisture, will not crack, will not chip, will not expand, will not warp or Combustion, which can significantly save life cycle costs.
    Although the Scaffold Frame weight is lighter than ordinary wooden scaffolding boards, our Scaffold Frame is stronger at any given span, reducing rebound and providing a more stable platform.
    These thick Scaffold Frame plates form a platform that carries heavy objects and withstands movement

    7. Where is Scaffold Frame used?

    Scaffold Frame the most common type because they are versatile, economical and easy to use. Scaffold Frame are often used by residential contractors, painters, etc., on one or two stories, but their modular frames can also be stacked for use in large building jobs several stories high.

    8. How to prevent Scaffold Frame accidents?

    Methods to prevent Scaffold Frame accidents:
    Inspect Scaffold Frame before use
    Observe the use of Scaffold Frame rules
    Train workers in the proper use of Scaffold Frame
    Ensure the stability of Scaffold Frame
    Use safe Scaffold Frame equipment
    Understand Scaffold Frame load capacity

    9. What is a Quality guarantee can you provide Scaffold Frame? 

    We can provide a test report for the Scaffold Frame.

    10. What is Scaffold Frame?

    A scaffold Frame is a temporary aerial work platform used to support workers and materials to help safe and secure indoor construction, maintenance, and repairs of buildings. Scaffold Frame is a substitute for ladders, which can be easily assembled according to height.

    11. Where is the Scaffold Frame used?

    Scaffold Frame is mainly used for construction, repair, cleaning, or maintenance work, used to lift workers to move their materials, and multifunctional platform to perform work safely and reliably. Scaffold Frame is used for indoor and outdoor applications.

    12. What rules should be followed when using Scaffold Frame?

    ①Inspection is to ensure that the Scaffold Frame has physical defects before use. Make sure that all parts of the Scaffold Frame is fixed or firmly fixed.
    ②Keep the minimum load on the Scaffold Frame and do not exceed the load-bearing range of the Scaffold Frame.
    ③Check the capacity of the Scaffold Frame and do not overload people.

    13. What are the types of Scaffold Frame?

    There are mainly three types of hot-selling Scaffold Frames, ladder Scaffold Frame, Scaffold Frame composed of galvanized pipes and couplers, and ringlock Scaffold Frame. Three types of Scaffold Frame are suitable for different countries, including thickness and height. If necessary, we can recommend it.

    14. Can I use a ladder on a Scaffold Frame?

    In most cases, Scaffold Frame should be able to support at least four times its maximum expected load. Don’t use ladders to increase your working height. Unless the guardrail on the Scaffold Frame has been extended to equal the height of the ladder.

    15. What should not be used to support Scaffold frames?

    Unless the entire platform is connected to the forklift and the forklift does not move horizontally when there are people on the Scaffold Frame, the forklift shall not be used to support the Scaffold Frame platform. The accessories supporting the Scaffold Frame have a base jack or wheels. When using the wheels, pay attention to locking them to prevent the Scaffold Frame from moving.