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Scaffold Baker Suitable For Indoor Use

Scaffold Baker – Due to its small size, portability, and configuration options, it can be used in many different construction and work applications. Scaffold Baker has the same function as platform ladders and is safer and lower in cost.

Scaffold Baker is suitable for home decoration
The height can be adjusted, and the plank plays a supporting role
Adjust both sides to the same height to assist in repairing
Suitable for stacking Scaffold Baker to use
Scaffold Baker with guardrails can protect workers during construction
Workers use Scaffold Baker to repair the roof of high places

What is needed to build a set of Scaffold Baker and how to build it

1. Prepare all the components of the Baker Scaffold.
2. Place the wheels of the Baker Scaffold and build the support frame.
3. Place the pedal in the groove of the support frame of the Baker Scaffold.
4. After placing it, confirm whether the lock pin of the Baker Scaffold is locked.
5. Install the four guardrails according to the hole positions, and the Baker Scaffold is completed.

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    Scaffold Baker is perfect for passing through narrow aisles, corridors and doors!
    Because these units do not use traditional cross brackets, they are perfect for benches, tables, and furniture that span churches!
    1. Quick and easy to set up and remove.
    2. Easy to store (does not take up too much space).
    3. 1.5″ x 1.5″ square steel tube (leg).
    4. The working platform can be adjusted in 2″ increments.
    5. Very suitable for use on stairs!
    6. The powder coating prevents scratches and rust.

    Online Service
    Provide videos or online instructions on how to install Scaffold Baker
    Double safety
    TSX-Scaffol Baker uses four lock pins placed under the plank to make the Scaffol Baker more stable
    Customized Design
    Support customers to customize the color and accessories of Scaffold Baker
    Easy to Store
    When the use is over, only need 5 miutes to remove the Scaffold Baker, fold it and place it

    Why choose TSX-Scaffold Baker?

    Scaffold Baker with wheels is usually used as a mobile scaffold, and the width of the end frame is 3 feet or less.

    The Scaffold Baker is designed to be easy to move and is used for painting, gypsum board installation, plastering, etc., as well as other scenes that require workers to change positions frequently.

    At the same time, the Scaffold Baker can adapt to stairs, ramps, and other uneven surfaces, and it is also more convenient for construction in places with obstacles.

    Therefore, in some cases, Scaffold Baker may be a better and safer choice than ladders, and the Scaffold Baker is detachable and occupies a small space, which is very suitable for family use.


    1. What is a Scaffold Baker?

    Scaffold Baker’s small size, mobility, and configuration be used for many different construction and working applications.
    options, most Scaffold Baker are suitable for indoor use and can also Scaffold Baker performs the same functions as platform ladders but is safer and less costly.

    2. Why design a Scaffold Baker?

    This type of Scaffold Baker is designed to be assembled quickly using matched manufacturing components and moved Scaffold Baker easily by using wheels at the bottom of the bracket.

    3. What are the advantages of Scaffold Baker?

    Scaffold bakers are resilient and have a longer life span in comparison to other scaffolds.
    Since there are no loose parts involved, Scaffold Baker systems require less maintenance.
    The components used in the all-around system scaffold Baker are standardized and convenient for transport and stock management, with higher durability, lower cost, and less risk of components loss.

    4. Can you use Scaffold Baker on stairs?

    Scaffold Baker can be adapted to stairs, ramps, and other uneven surfaces.
    The Scaffold Baker can be adjusted according to your height.
    Scaffold Baker is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    5. What are the 2 types of Scaffold Baker?

    Scaffold Baker can be divided into two types:
    ①Door Scaffold Baker.
    ②Ladder Scaffold Baker.
    Ladder Scaffold Baker is heavier than Door Scaffold Baker.
    Workers can use the second tubes of the Ladder Scaffold Baker to reach the height they want.
    Trolleys and workers can pass through the middle of the Door Scaffold Baker.

    6. Why is Scaffold Baker the best choice for construction projects?

    ①Scaffold Baker is easy to install and disassemble.
    ②Scaffold Baker has better robustness, higher durability, and excellent fire resistance.
    ③Scaffold Baker provides greater safety for workers.

    7. How does Scaffold Baker work?

    Scaffold Baker is a kind of prefabricated manual mobile light scaffolding, usually used for household use, house maintenance, construction site, mainly used to perform high-altitude tasks.
    When the height needs to be increased and workers are required to handle larger materials, the wheels at the bottom of the Scaffold Baker can be used to move easily.

    8. What material is made of Scaffold Baker?

    The planks with single-layer or single-layer Scaffold Baker are plywood with metal edges.
    They are placed on both ends of the Scaffold Baker as a platform for connecting two pieces of the frame and a place for workers to stand.
    The bottom of the frame is equipped with wheels, which are used to move the Scaffold Baker, and the material is plastic or steel.

    9. How to assemble Scaffold Baker?
    First, install the wheels to the Scaffold Baker bottom frame, insert the engagement rods on the wheel assembly into the frame.
    Then fix each wheel to the Scaffold Baker frame using snap pins with retaining devices.
    Connect the two support brackets to the two sides of the Scaffold Baker frame of the required height, and the two sides of the bracket have spring lock pins to fix them to a suitable height.
    Finally, place the working platform on both sides’ supports of the Scaffold Baker.
    If you have other questions about assembling Scaffold Baker, please contact us.

    10. What are the technological advantages of our Scaffold Baker?

    Scaffold Baker’s end frame of the ladder is precision welded to increase strength, and adjustable side rails and locking pins increase safety, 5 inches.
    Scaffold Baker double-locking heavy-duty casters combine the mobility you want with the stability you need.

    11. Can only one person install Scaffold Baker?

    Scaffold Baker The well-designed design allows the device to be assembled and disassembled by only one person.
    Scaffold Baker You can even customize the height of the Maxi Square scaffolding yourself.

    12. Can Scaffold Baker show height?

    Scaffold Baker Multiple units (each sold separately) can be stacked to reach the height you might only dream of before. Just add an optional outrigger system for stability.
    You only need one Scaffold Baker outrigger system to climb two floors! The increased height can handle various applications.

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