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Ring Lock Scaffolding System advantages

  • Ring Lock Scaffolding System offers up to 8 connections
  • Ring Lock Scaffolding System provides a higher degree of flexibility
  • Ring Lock Scaffolding System fers the best frame-body stability

Ring Lock Scaffolding Scaffolding

The Ring Lock Scaffolding Systerm is suitable for industrial, commercial and residential markets, and its design and manufacturing comply with all Ring Lock Scaffolding System industry standards.

Packaging Method Of Ringlock Scaffolding And Inspection Before Shipment

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    What are the characteristics of Ring Lock Scaffolding System?

    The Ringlock Scaffolding system is a type of modular scaffolding. It enables workers to quickly and efficiently set up, use and dismantle temporary work structures, thereby saving time and labor costs.
    It is designed to minimize components for simple setup and disassembly. A single rosette is at the core of all components. With a built-in safety mechanism and high load capacity, help complete various types of projects.

    Save Costs
    TSX is a trading company with factory. The production capacity of more than 1,000 tons per week can be faster and cheaper.
    Delivery date
    Sample support is delivered within 1-2 weeks, customized scaffold needs to be communicated,and formal orders can be delivered within 3-5 weeks.
    About MOQ
    The MOQ of the Ringlock Scaffolding product is a 20ft container, and the sample supports one pieces.
    After-sales service
    After the order is confirmed, we will update the production schedule for you in time, provide product photos, inspection and shipping in containers.

    During operation, the Ring Lock Scaffolding System can not only ensure safety but also extend to the length you need. It is convenient and quick to erect, efficient, time-saving, and requires very little material.

    A set of high-standard Ring Lock Scaffolding System, the surface treatment is hot-dip galvanized, because the zinc layer is very thick, so it generally does not rust, can be maintenance-free, and can be used at any time. When the Ring Lock Scaffolding System is in use, there is little foundation construction and installation Convenient and not easy to lose.

    In the process of use, Ring Lock Scaffolding System has three main advantages. The structure is simple. The main components include standard parts and a ledger. It is easy to disassemble and assemble and is also easy to store, transfer and maintain. Wide application range, less structure, convenient disassembly and assembly, basic structure, and special accessories can adapt to a variety of building structures. It can bear a higher load-bearing capacity, and the standard is an axial drive, so that the Ring Lock Scaffolding System is in a three-dimensional space, with high structural strength and good stability.

    The Ring Lock Scaffolding System connection method is the international mainstream scaffolding connection method. The reasonable node design can realize the transmission force of each pole through the node center. It is mainly used in European and American countries and regions. It is an upgraded product of Ring Lock Scaffolding System product. The technology is mature, the connection is firm, and the structure is stable. Safe and reliable.

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