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The Main Component Of The System Scaffolding

The System Scaffolding Components is suitable for industrial, commercial, and residential markets, and its design and manufacturing comply with all System Scaffolding Components industry standards.

Packaging Method Of System Scaffolding Components And Inspection Before Shipment

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    TSX only asks for the best of itself of the System Scaffolding Components

    System Scaffolding Components make all projects simple and easy to operate

    System Scaffolding Components is a new type of scaffolding, which is mainly composed of standards, ledgers, struts, accessories, etc.

    It is widely used in elevated bridge construction, tunnel construction, factory buildings, elevated water towers, power plants, oil refineries, span scaffolding, storage Shelves, interior decoration, stage construction, sports stands, and other projects.

    Because of its stability and good anti-corrosion performance, System Scaffolding Components are popular in various countries around the world.

    Save Costs
    TSX is a trading company with factory. The production capacity of more than 1,000 tons per week can be faster and cheaper.
    Delivery date
    Sample support is delivered within 1-2 weeks, customized scaffold needs to be communicated,and formal orders can be delivered within 3-5 weeks.
    About MOQ
    The MOQ of the Ringlock Scaffolding product is a 20ft container, and the sample supports one pieces.
    After-sales service
    After the order is confirmed, we will update the production schedule for you in time, provide product photos, inspection and shipping in containers.

    A Frame Scaffolding-door type 2.6ft*3ft (800*914mm)

    TSX only asks for the best of itself

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