Advantage of Polyurethane Screen Meah

  • Polyurethane Screen Meah of difficult to screen materials, no blinding of panel apertures, high acceleration of material up to 50G.
  • The Polyurethane Screen Meah is fixed without screws, simple and convenient to disassemble and assemble the screen plate.
  • Polyurethane Screen Meah short cycle to replace the screen plate, and the side horn design, and protect the side plate, so that the screen machine is more durable.

With our Polyurethane Screen Meah, you will enjoy many benefits that cannot be achieved with other sifters. Some advantages are listed below:

  • Polyurethane Screen Meah Complete a range of screens to handle almost all applications and capacities.
  • Polyurethane Screen Meah Structure: compact size, high rigidity, high strength, even stress distribution, high safety factor.
  • Polyurethane Screen Meah Easy to operate and maintain, safe to use, competitive pricing, and efficient performance, with professional after-sales service and spare parts support




Q: Polyurethane Screen Meah Installation
A: At the client’s request, TSX Polyurethane Screen Meah can provide installation Technicians to supervise and assist in the assembly and commissioning of the equipment.

Q: What about a Warranty? What will we do if the Polyurethane Screen Meah is broken down?
A: The warranty period for all of TSX’s structural and mechanical equipment is one year. The warranty period for all electric motors is half one year. Wear parts are not covered by warranty unless the component part is found to be flawed.

Q: What should we need to do if we want to get the polyurethane Screen Meah best quotation?
A: If you want us to recommend a suitable type for you; please let us know as follows:
1).the capacity (tons per hour)
2).output size
3).material type

Q: What could you help me to do for the Polyurethane Screen Meah business?
A: Many thanks for your trust, we can provide you with proposal chart for complete production lines, spot inspection and operator training according to your demands and the conditions of applied spot, we can help you choose the right equipment,flip-flop vibrating screens, circular vibrating screens, sieve bends and centrifuges for classifying, de-sliming, drain & rinsing, and sizing, used in coal washing and preparation plantsand so on .

Q: What is your Polyurethane Screen Meah after-sales Service?
A: All equipment manufactured by TSX is of the highest standard and very rarely have our clients experienced any mechanical problems. Should any problems occur, our team of Engineers and Technicians will respond within12 hours of notice by the client.

Q: Polyurethane Screen Meah Delivery time
A: Standard delivery time for vibrating screen is 30 days from receipt of deposit.


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