PSA Energy-saving Nitrogen Gas Generator

Tianjin Manufacturer PSA Energy-saving Nitrogen Gas Generator Nitrogen replace the air in cold rooms, high purity Nitrogen input the cold room, meantime the content Oxygen air evacuate through the pipeline distributer with can vent to the air, constant operation, can low down the oxygen content...

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Tianjin Manufacturer PSA Energy-saving Nitrogen Gas Generator
 Nitrogen replace the air in cold rooms, high purity Nitrogen input the cold room, meantime the content Oxygen air evacuate through the pipeline distributer with can vent to the air, constant operation, can low down the oxygen content to 1%, to achieve the purpose of regulating the rolls gas composition.

PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Nitrogen Generator Brief Introduction:
 The PSA Nitrogen Generator is based on the latest PSA technology and utilizes Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) to separate the nitrogen from the other gases contained in the air. The Nitrogen Generator uses two beds of CMS to separate compressed air into a high-pressure nitrogen product stream and low-pressure oxygen enriched waste stream. Particulate, coalescing and carbon filters are included to remove impurities from the feed air. Each Nitrogen Generator comes pre-tested and tuned to meet the customer specified nitrogen flow rate and purity. Since the system contains very few moving parts, maintenance and repairs are minimal. Maintenance is simple yet necessary. Air compressor and filter maintenance procedures are especially important and should be followed carefully. If the recommended maintenance procedures are followed, your nitrogen generator will provide you with many years of reliable service.

图片193.jpgPressure Swing Adsorption Working Principle:

Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) is a new gas separation technology, the principle is the use of molecular sieves on different gas molecules "adsorption" performance differences between the gas mixture separated. It uses air as a raw material to separate nitrogen from oxygen in the air using the selective adsorption of nitrogen and oxygen by a highly efficient and highly selective solid adsorbent. The separation of nitrogen and oxygen by carbon molecular sieve is mainly based on the different diffusion rates of these two gases on the surface of carbon molecular sieve. The smaller diameter gas (oxygen) diffuses faster and more enters the solid phase of the molecular sieve. In this way, the nitrogen can be enriched in the gas phase. After a period of time, molecular sieve adsorption of oxygen to achieve a balance, according to carbon molecular sieve at different pressures on the different adsorption capacity of adsorbed gas, reducing the pressure to remove carbon molecular sieve adsorption of oxygen, a process known as regeneration. Pressure swing adsorption method is usually used in parallel with two towers, alternating pressure adsorption and decompression regeneration, resulting in continuous nitrogen flow.

Our Advantages:
Experience - We have supplied over 1000 Nitrogen Generators all over the world.
German Technology - We have German collaboration for our technology and have fine tuned this technology to gain proprietary advantages in several key areas.
Automated Operation - PSA Nitrogen Gas plants we manufacture incorporate complete automation and no personnel are required for operating the Gas plant.
Low Power Consumption - We guarantee a very low power consumption for Nitrogen production by optimum design to efficiently use the compressed air and maximize production of Nitrogen gas.
Warranty Service

  1. The quality of equipment is guaranteed for 18months from the date you received. In this period, if any quality problem happens with correct operation, we will send spare parts to customers free of charge.

  2. After warranty, we will supply spare parts at cost prices to our customer.

 a, Metal heat treatment process of the protection of gas
 b, Chemical industry production gas and various types of storage tanks
 c, Electronics industry
 d, Pharmaceutical industry
 e, CA Equipment System

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