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Reduced Usually With Wood, Plywood
- Jun 26, 2018 -

The steel formwork is a steel formwork used for concrete pouring molding, in addition to the steel formwork, wood formwork, plywood formwork, and the like. Steel formwork is widely used in construction projects due to its many uses, beautiful appearance of concrete pouring.

The steel formwork can replace the wood formwork, which significantly reduces the pore water pressure and air bubbles in the concrete under pressure from the conventional seal formwork such as wood, plywood, or steel plate. The steel formwork structure is cast into an ideal rough shape after concrete casting. interface. No rough work is required to proceed to the next process.

It can be placed either before the reinforcement is installed or after the reinforcement is installed. If it is placed before the installation of reinforcement, it is easy to place and install; it can visually monitor the pouring process of concrete, thereby reducing the risk of phenomena such as voids and honeycomb structures.

If a large-scale concrete pouring is interrupted or delayed for some reason, the fast-rising net is an ideal choice material. As a kind of spare part, it can be formed into any shape required by emergency sealing. Construction can be resumed quickly and there is no need to demolish the temporary end caps. Because the use of fast and easy to close the mouth can quickly build a capped off the plan, as an emergency measure. The customer can prepare some ready-to-buy nets on the construction site before starting the large-scale pouring, and the quick and easy closing net with concrete creates an ideal cementing surface for the future pouring.

As with the protection of steel bars, it is easy to provide proper protection for fast-moving nets, including the use of wood or plastic strips, which are tied with steel wire to steel bars or directly to soffits or face materials.

In the construction industry is widely used, it is difficult to see the wooden template.