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Paving Method Is Simple And Easy To Dismantle
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Scaffolding, also known as scaffolding, is laid on scaffolds and manipulators to facilitate workers to walk over them, transfer materials, and construction work on a temporary turnaround building material. The scaffold board can be made of steel, wood, bamboo, aluminum alloy, plastic, etc. The quality of the single scaffold board should not be more than 30 KG. Scaffold plates commonly used in construction sites include stamped steel scaffoldings, wooden scaffoldings, and bamboo scaffoldings (including bamboo strips and bamboo rafts).

Wooden scaffolding is the most common type of scaffolding, and its material is often fir or pine. The thickness of the wooden scaffolding should not be less than 50mm, the width of the plank is 200-250mm, and the length of the plank is 3-6m. In order to prevent damage to the end of the scaffolding plate during use, the two ends of the scaffolding plate can be tightly tied with 10 iron wires at both ends of the scaffolding plate or with a 0.4-0.6 mm thick metal sheet. Wooden scaffolding is commonly used in bamboo, wooden scaffolds, fastener-type steel scaffolds, and free-standing, self-propelled ramps. It is less commonly used for mobile scaffolding, various types of tool scaffolds, and portal scaffolding. The wooden scaffolding is characterized by a wide range of use, simple method of laying, convenient disassembly, and a good feeling of the construction staff when used. Due to the vigorous implementation of environmental protection policies by the country, the sources of materials have been relatively reduced, and their usage has been declining year by year.

1. When using bamboo raft (other material) scaffolding board, one end of the small cross bar of single row scaffolding shall be fixed on the vertical pole (large horizontal bar) with right angle fasteners, and the other end shall be inserted into the wall. The insertion length shall not be less than 180 mm. [1] 

2, the operating layer scaffolding should be covered, paved. The scaffolding plate is butt-jointed, and two small crossbars must be provided at the joint. The extension of the scaffolding should be 130~150mm, and the sum of the external elongations of the two scaffolds should not exceed 300mm. In addition to the bamboo scaffolding scaffolding, the scaffolding panels can be laid, the joints laid must be supported on small crossbars, the overlap length should be greater than 200mm, and the length of the small crossbar protruding therefrom should not be less than 100mm.

3, the length of the probe at the end of the working layer should be taken as 150mm, and both ends of the plate should be reliably fixed with the support rod.