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Load-bearing Skeleton For Industrial And Civil Buildings
- Jun 25, 2018 -

A structure consisting of beams and columns that can withstand both vertical and horizontal loads. The beams and columns are rigidly connected. Mainly used for load-bearing skeletons, bridge structures or engineering structures for industrial and civil buildings.

Generally refers to the structure that is formed by the combination of concrete or tailstock and column in the construction project. As ancient Chinese furniture has absorbed ancient ancient wood construction practices since the Song Dynasty, traditional furniture adopts frame frames and column structures in the form of frames, and this type of structure furniture is called “frame furniture”.

A framework-based application system consists of one or more frameworks, component classes related to the framework, and extensions related to application systems. The application-related extensions include application-related classes and objects. The application system may simply reuse part of the object-oriented framework, or it may require some adaptation of the framework to meet system requirements.

As a reusable software, the object-oriented framework will involve the development and utilization of the framework in the framework-based software development process. The development phase of the framework lies in producing reusable designs in the field. The main result of this phase is the framework and the component classes related to the framework. An important activity in this phase is the evolution and maintenance of the framework. Like all software, the framework is also easy to change. There are many reasons for changes, such as application errors, changes in business areas, and so on.