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Easy To Get High Purity Gas
- Jun 26, 2018 -

The nitrogen generator is an advanced gas separation technology. It uses high-quality imported carbon molecular sieve (CMS) as an adsorbent, and uses the pressure swing adsorption principle (PSA) to separate high-purity nitrogen gas at room temperature.

Oxygen and nitrogen gas molecules have different diffusion rates on the surface of molecular sieves. The gas molecules (O2) with smaller diameters have faster diffusion rates. They have more pores in carbon molecular sieves and the diffusion rate of gas molecules (N2) with larger diameters. Slower, fewer carbon micro-holes enter the molecular sieve. The use of carbon molecular sieves for this selective difference in the adsorption of nitrogen and oxygen results in the enrichment of oxygen in the adsorption phase in a short period of time, enrichment of nitrogen in the gas phase, and thus the separation of oxygen and nitrogen, resulting in gas-enriched nitrogen under PSA conditions.

The difference curve of the amount of adsorption of oxygen and nitrogen at different pressures in a certain period of time by carbon molecular sieve:

After a certain period of time, the adsorption of oxygen on the molecular sieves is balanced. According to the characteristics that the adsorption capacity of the carbon molecular sieve is different at different pressures, the pressure is reduced so that the carbon molecular sieve desorbs oxygen, and this process is regeneration. According to the different regeneration pressure, it can be divided into vacuum regeneration and atmospheric regeneration. Atmospheric regeneration facilitates the complete regeneration of molecular sieves, making it easy to obtain high purity gases.