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  • North America - Mexico
    North America - United States
  • South America - Chile
    North America - Mexico
  • East Africa - South Sudan
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  • North America - United States
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  • Southeast Asia - Philippines
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Ladder Scaffold System

  • metal
  • Imported
  • 6-Feet multipurpose scaffolding with four 5-Inch locking swivel casters
  • For interior or exterior use, All steel construction, Durable powder coated paint finish in yellow
  • 1/2-Inch thick wooden deck with steel frame
  • 1,000-Pound capacity, 29-Inch wide, fits through standard doorways
Hot-selling style ladder scaffold
Installed gravity drop Canada-Lock and rust resistant insert pins
Ladder powder-coated ladder scaffold, 1524*1700mm, in bundle
Hot-selling style H-ladder scaffold
Install Canada Lock,suitable for South America
Ladder Scaffold with guardrails and wheels for easy movement

Modular Scaffold Ladder Frame With Disposable Guardrail


1. The width and length of the ladder is 100*1780mm
2. Ladder scaffold with Guardrail, width * height-1219*1700mm
3. The distance between the two ladder scaffold is 1829mm
4. The surface treatment of the ladder scaffold system is powder-coated

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    We sell high-quality scaffolding products at wholesale prices and do our best to ensure that you get the highest quality ladder scaffold at the lowest possible price.

    Regarding quality, the load-bearing capacity of our ladder scaffold will surprise you, because our ladder scaffold is made in accordance with international standards.

    On the premise of ensuring the safety of workers, it can increase the service life of the ladder scaffold, save costs, and protect the environment.

    Fast Delivery
    According to the quantity and specifications, delivery can be made within one week
    Save Costs
    Ladder Scaffold is suitable for use in many occasions, whether it is home or engineering
    Customized Design
    Support the customization of surface treatment, style and accessories
    Free Estimated Project Cost
    Specialized ladder scaffold system cost estimation department

    TSX Scaffolding specializes in selling ladder scaffold and accessories.


    At TSX, we have an architectural pedigree.
    We started in 2011 and helped our customers complete many multi-million dollar projects in the next 10 years. During the epidemic, we delved into product quality and packing quantity and committed to maximizing the use of container space and extending service life for our customers.

    In the past ten years, we have been deeply involved in the field of scaffolding, and we understand ladder scaffold like anyone else. Related labor costs, and how to use the correct design plan to build the correct scaffolding, make your project more profitable.

    Therefore, we only sell products that we know ourselves. We have spent a lot of energy to produce the best quality products at the most reasonable price, and hope to pass this advantage to you so that you can gain an advantage in the competition.

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      Modular Scaffold Ladder frame with Disposable Guardrail

      Modular Scaffold Manufacturer

      A Frame Scaffolding-door type 2.6ft*3ft (800*914mm)

      TSX only asks for the best of itself

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