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Mini Scaffold-An Indispensable Assistant In Construction Projects

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Mini Scaffold Types Most Frequently Enquiry

The following six types of mini scaffold are mainly sold to North America, South America,Europe and Asia based on our Ten-Year export experience

Popular choice for South American customers
African customers prefer a thickness of 2.0mm
Install V-lock, suitable for the US market
Flexible and light, suitable for family use
Durable, surface treatment for hot dip galvanized
Popular in Singapore and The UK,Easy to build

The Details Determine The Quality of Mini Scaffold

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    Scaffold Makes All Projects Simple And Easy To Operate

    The mini scaffold is used indoor. The mini scaffold of TSX is lightweight and easy to be installed.

    The mini scaffold is usually used to  support workers during construction (bricking, plastering, painting or renewing or repainting the structure, etc.).

    Multiple Types
    For mini scaffold, we can provide various types, such as galvanized pipe and coupler combined mini scaffold, door frame, indoor mini scaffold, ring-lock mini scaffold, etc.
    Delivery Date
    Sample support is delivered within 1-2 weeks, customized mini scaffold needs to be communicated,and formal orders can be delivered within 3-5 weeks.
    About MOQ
    The MOQ of the mini scaffold product is a 20ft container, and the sample supports one set.
    After-sales Service
    After the order is confirmed, we will update the production schedule for you in time, provide product photos, inspection and shipping in containers.

    TSX&MINI SCAFFOLD, They are parter

    For TSX, the mini scaffold is our main product, which you can see in our logo.

    Scaffolding is not just a product, but our guarantee for the safety of workers because the height of the scaffolding needs to be at least 20 meters in height.

    For workers, stability is the most basic requirement, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the work, we What we need to do is to provide a stable foundation for the project.

    whether it is a surface treatment, specifications, certification, pre-sales, and after-sales service, TSX has made the highest requirements for itself, the highest Standard, best quality service.


    1. What are the characteristics and advantages of Mini Scaffold?

    ①Mini Scaffold is relatively light.
    ②Mini Scaffold is ideal for indoor use and narrow passages.
    ③Mini Scaffold requires minimal support, reducing assembly time.

    2. Why is Mini Scaffold safer?

    Mini Scaffold provides more area and tubes to enclose workers and equipment, so there is much less chance of slipping or falling during work. Mini Scaffold frees up their hands and feet so workers can be more efficient.

    3. What are the applications of Mini Scaffold?

    Mini Scaffolds can be used in many places. Mini Scaffolds can be used for construction, renovation, and routine maintenance. Mini Scaffold provides safer and more comfortable work.

    4. What are the advantages of Mini Scaffold?

    The components used in Mini Scaffold a Frame are standardized and convenient for transport and stock management, with higher durability, lower cost, and Mini Scaffold less risk of components loss.

    5. What is included in a set of Mini Scaffold?

    Two Frames Mini Scaffold, Two cross brace, Four joint pins, One steel plank.
    We also have other Mini Scaffold accessories, the above are the basic accessories of Mini Scaffold, we also have wheels, base jack and so on

    6. How much is the price of a Mini Scaffold?

    The price of the Mini Scaffold is calculated according to the size and weight. The price is not fixed. It is necessary to check the real-time exchange rate and the market price of raw materials then give you Mini Scaffold price.

    7. What are the characteristics of Mini Scaffold?

    Mini Scaffold is four feet long – the perfect length for one person to Mini Scaffold can use indoors. Easy to move and set up
    Mini Scaffold has adjustable Height – The scaffolding adjusts every Mini Scaffold have 2 inches to ensure the perfect height for every application. From 18 inches to 48 inches.
    Mini Scaffold is EASY TO USE – Adjustments are simple and can be done quickly.
    CONVENIENT – Designed to fit through standard 30″ doorways, the Snappy can be moved. The 24″ width will fit through nearly any sidewalk or doorway.
    Quick Setup – Snappy Jr. can be easily set up and adjusted to the right height.
    Independently Adjustable Legs – 5″ casters are standard on level surfaces. When using the Snappy on stairs, simply remove the casters and adjust the height accordingly.

    8. What are the advantages of Mini Scaffold?

    Mini Scaffold Heavy Duty Decks – Decks are constructed of 1/2″ plywood. Rated to 500 lbs.
    Mini Scaffold Spring Clips – These clips were developed for locking the walking boards. It allows for safer operation and faster setup and teardown.
    Mini Scaffold Spring-Loaded G-Pin – G-Pin helps speed up scaffold height adjustment. Pop them to adjust the height and pop them safely.
    Mini Scaffold Powder Coated Finish – This is the most effective way to protect steel. Powder coating bonds the paint to the metal, ensuring a professional finish and a long-lasting coating.

    9. Where can mini scaffolding be used?

    Mini Scaffold can be used, electrician
    Mini Scaffold can be used painter
    Mini Scaffold can be used, Maintenance staff
    Mini Scaffold can be used School
    Mini Scaffold can be used in hospital
    Mini Scaffold can be used in an office building
    there are more!

    10. Do Mini Scaffold employees who work on supported Scaffold need to be trained?

    All Mini Scaffold employees must be trained by qualified personnel to identify the hazards associated with the type of scaffolding used and how to control or minimize these hazards.

    11. What Mini Scaffold accessories do Scaffold towers have?

    Depending on the Scaffold type and height of the Scaffold tower, The common Scaffold accessories include Scaffold wheels, Scaffold base jack, Scaffold steel plank, Scaffold guardrails, and etc.

    12. What is your Mini Scaffold’s advantage?

    Our Mini Scaffold’s main advantages are as below:
    1) OEM Scaffold is welcomed For Sale
    2)Our Mini Scaffold is Integration of industry and trade, guaranteed delivery, and first-hand price.
    3)One-stop service for the Scaffold.

    13. Do Mini Scaffold employees who work on supported Scaffold need to be trained?

    All Mini Scaffold employees must be trained by qualified personnel to identify the hazards associated with the type of scaffolding used and how to control or minimize these hazards.

    14. How often must Mini Scaffold be inspected?

    Mini Scaffold in the application process, due to various wear and tear, as well as long-term use of accessories lose, workers in the use of the process is prone to risk, so Mini Scaffold needs to be checked regularly, in normal circumstances before each use need to check once.

    15. What should be paid attention to when disassembling Mini Scaffold?

    When disassembling or moving the Mini Scaffold, please make sure that there are no other materials or tools on the Mini Scaffold. In addition, after disassembling the accessories, please place the Mini Scaffold in a ventilated and dry place and put the corresponding accessories together to prevent loss.

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