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When necessary, strict control of the carbon content of steel
- Jun 26, 2018 -

1、Steel formwork combination; each section combined height 1200mm pier body side semi-circular arc side and standard block combination, pallet and pier cap decomposition combination, standard combination block 1700×1202mm rib spacing 3500×4500 rib height (panel + ribs) High) 86mm.

2, steel template processing for the preparation of ribs; with a special angle, the Ministry of the Ministry of the rib plate processing must be welded on the card stereotypes must be repeated with the model correction, is strictly prohibited.

3, steel template processing combined frame processed into a daughter buckle.

4. Standard combination section of steel template; 8 bolt holes are reserved for each section during machining.

5, steel template internal ribs cross composite weld seam welding length of each weld ≥ 70% of the rib width.

1. All kinds of steel used in the production process of Moban processing; The quality of the appearance, steel material must meet the national standards of the authentic post-steel, if necessary, the carbon content of the steel should be strictly controlled.

2. The processing of the steel formwork must be preferentially applied to the bending machine at the bending angle of the panel. When the fillet radius is not required, the bending radius is 1.5 times the thickness of the steel plate.