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There are designs, calculations, detailed drawings, there are plans to build
- Jun 25, 2018 -

(1) There should be a clear understanding of heavy scaffolding. Generally, if the floor thickness exceeds 300mm, the heavy scaffolding design should be considered. If the scaffold load exceeds 15KN/m2, the design proposal should be organized by experts. It should be clearly understood that the changes in the length of the steel pipe in those locations have a greater influence on the bearing. For the formwork support, it should be considered that the length of the center line of the top horizontal bar from the template support point should not be too long, generally less than 400mm (in the new specification It may be necessary to revise.) In the calculation of poles, the top and bottom steps are generally the most stressful and should be used as the main calculation points. When the bearing capacity is not enough to meet the requirements of the group, vertical poles should be increased to reduce the vertical and horizontal spacing, or horizontal poles should be added to reduce the step size.

(2) Domestic scaffolds generally have unqualified materials such as steel tubes, fasteners, jacks, and shoes, and theoretical calculations in actual construction do not take these into consideration. It is advisable to take certain safety factors in the design calculation process.

1. No matter which type of scaffolding is erected, the materials and processing quality used in the scaffolding must meet the requirements of the regulations. It is absolutely forbidden to use unqualified materials to build scaffolding to prevent accidents.

2. General scaffolds must be erected in accordance with the technical regulations for scaffolding safety. For high-rise scaffolds with a height of more than 15m, there must be design, calculations, detailed drawings, plans for erection, approval by the person in charge of the higher-level technology, and written safety techniques. Bottom up before you can set up.

3, for dangerous and special hanging, pick, hanging, socket, stacking materials and other shelves must also be designed and approved. The establishment of separate security technology measures can be established.

4. After accepting the task, the construction team must organize all personnel to earnestly understand the specific safety construction design and safety technical measures of the scaffolding, discuss the setup method, and send skilled and experienced technical personnel to set up technical guidance and supervision.