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The performance requirements are also varied
- Jun 25, 2018 -

The steel grades and specifications of steel pipe products are extremely varied, and their performance requirements are also varied. All of these should be differentiated as user requirements or working conditions change. In general, steel pipe products are classified according to the cross-sectional shape, production method, pipe material, connection method, plating characteristics, and use.

According to the cross-sectional shape of the steel pipe can be divided into: round steel pipe and shaped steel pipe.

Special-shaped steel pipe refers to a variety of non-circular-shaped steel pipe. Among them are: square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, flat elliptical tube, semicircular tube, hexagonal tube, hexagonal inner tube, unequal hexagonal tube, equilateral triangle tube, pentagonal plum tube, octagonal tube, convex Font tube, double convex tube. Bi-concave tube, multi-concave tube, melon tube, flat tube, diamond tube, star tube, parallelogram tube, ribbed tube, drop tube, inner fin tube, twisted tube, B-tube, D Type tubes and multilayer tubes.

According to the longitudinal section of the steel pipe is divided into: equal section steel pipe and variable section steel pipe. Variable-section (or variable-section) steel pipe is a steel pipe that undergoes periodic or aperiodic changes along the pipe's cross-sectional shape, inner and outer diameters, and wall thicknesses. The main ones are: outer conical tube, inner conical tube, outer step tube, inner step tube, periodic cross-section tube, corrugated tube, spiral tube, steel tube with radiating fins, and barrel with double wire.