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Easy to operate, safe and reliable
- Jun 26, 2018 -

The high-purity hydrogen generator has the advantages of large electrolysis area, low pool temperature, good performance, large gas production, and high purity. The high-purity hydrogen generator depends on its characteristics and precautions when it is purchased:

High-purity hydrogen generator main features:

1, easy to operate, safe, reliable, one-time plus alkali, daily use only need to add distilled water, start the power switch to produce hydrogen. (for multiple chromatograms)

2. The gas path uses stainless steel tubes (electropolishing, ultrasonic cleaning), overpressure protection, and two-stage purification. The

3, a unique anti-return device to ensure that the instrument absolutely no liquid return phenomenon. The

4. The electrolysis cell of plate type, the electrolytic cell piece is made of 304 thick stainless steel material, and the imported noble metal is used for the electrolytic material, which can effectively increase the electrolysis efficiency and keep the temperature of the cell constant, which greatly promotes the service life of the electrolysis cell. The

5, the output flow is stable, automatic tracking, purity does not decay, can be used continuously.