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The Details Of Frame Scaffolding

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    Construction Scaffolding For Sale Is Popular

    Whether building large commercial structures or residential extensions, Construction Scaffolding For Sale plays a key role in most construction projects. As people begin to realize the importance of these systems for safety, accessibility, and even productivity, the demand and demand for Construction Scaffolding For Sale will only continue to grow.

    The biggest advantage of using Construction Scaffolding For Sale in construction projects is the safety aspect it provides for construction workers. Construction work usually requires work at dizzying heights, so safety Construction Scaffolding For Sale can provide a stable working surface for workers and their materials, from any height above the ground.

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    TSX Frame Scaffolding Is Your Best Choice


    Door Construction Scaffolding For Saleg and Ladder Construction Scaffolding For Sale are the most common types of Frame Scaffolding because they are versatile, economical and easy to use. Frame Scaffolding are often used by residential contractors, painters, etc. for one or two floors, but Frame Scaffolding can also be stacked several floors high for large construction work.

    Frame Scaffolding also has many useful accessories. In China, TSX Frame Scaffolding is your best choice. We stock a variety of accessories, including:

    • Ladder Of Frame Scaffolding
    • Joint pin Of Frame Scaffolding
    • Cross brace Of Frame Scaffolding
    • Wheel Of Frame Scaffolding
    • Base Jack Of Frame Scaffolding

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    1. Can you put a ladder on Frame Scaffolding?

    In most cases, the Frame Scaffolding should be able to support at least four times the maximum expected load. Do not use boxes or ladders to increase the height you work. Do not use heights unless the guardrail on the scaffold has extended to a height equal to the height of the high foot.

    2. What are the three types of Frame scaffoldings?

    Workers who use Frame scaffolding can be divided into three groups:
    Suspended Scaffolds.
    Supported Scaffolds.
    Aerial Lifts.

    3. Who can erect Frame scaffolding?

    Frame Scaffolding should be designed, erected, altered, and dismantled only by competent people and the work should always be carried out under the direction of a competent supervisor. This is a requirement of the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

    4. What are the advantages of Frame Scaffolding?

    1) Frame Scaffolding simple and flexible operation, quick disassembly and assembly.
    2) Frame Scaffolding high capacity and safety.
    3) Frame Scaffolding surface treatment of hot-dip galvanized or hot-dipped paint after galvanizing to ensure the anti-corrosion of the product, prolong the service life and improve the recycling. It is widely used in various construction projects.

    5. Why choose TSX Frame Scaffolding?

    Our Frame Scaffolding makes it easy to support, and the lightweight and multifunctional design can achieve seamless installation, handling, and height adjustment. Rent the perfect adjustable support solution for your project from our scope.

    6. What are the advantages of Frame Scaffolding?

    Another advantage is to save time. By reducing floor-to-floor construction time, Frame Scaffolding helps reduce project construction time.
    In addition, Frame Scaffolding plays a vital role in meeting budget requirements and reducing costs.
    The use of Frame Scaffolding helps project managers to promote the timely mobilization and demobilization of Frame Scaffolding resources, thereby further reducing costs and improving efficiency.

    7. Do you supply Frame Scaffolding samples?

    We provide Frame Scaffolding samples. However, it should be noted that the sample fee and express fee should be provided by yourself. When you place a large order, we will return the Frame Scaffolding sample fee.

    8. What are the surface treatment methods of Frame Scaffolding?

    Frame Scaffolding the surface treatment is Pre-galvanized and powder coated. This Pre-galvanized and powder-coated finish can prevent it from rusting in a short time. The Frame Scaffolding also can be reused.

    9. What size do you have of Frame Scaffolding?

    Our regular sizes are 1219*1700mm,1524*1524mm,1219*1930mm,914*914mm.
    Different countries fit different Frame Scaffolding sizes, if you are not sure of the size you need, you can contact us directly and we can give you recommendations Frame Scaffolding according to your market.

    10. What is H-shaped Frame Scaffolding?

    Simply put, this Frame Scaffolding is a platform used for plastering work on internal and external walls of buildings. H-shaped Frame Scaffolding is also called “Ladder Frame Scaffolding”. Ladder Frame Scaffolding is more convenient, workers can reach high places through ladders, and H-shaped Frame Scaffolding can ensure the safety of workers.
    The Main tube size of the H-shaped Frame Scaffolding is 42mm/60mm, and its thickness is 1.6-2.5mm.
    The size of the second tube of the H-shaped Frame Scaffolding is 22mm/25mm, and its thickness is 1-2mm.
    The height of the H-shaped Frame Scaffolding is 1219mm/1700mm/1524mm/1930mm/914mm and so on.

    11. What are the functions of Frame Scaffolding?

    ①Frame Scaffolding must be rigid, built on a good foundation by solid materials, and can be well fixed to the building or structure, in order to ensure the safety of workers to the greatest extent.
    ②Frame Scaffolding is a safe working platform. Workers stand on the platform and work easily and safely.
    ③Frame Scaffolding serves as a platform for placing materials and logistics required by workers to perform their work.
    ④Frame Scaffolding can be used as a walking platform and transportation material.

    12. What are the main components of Frame Scaffolding?

    ①The main tube and second tube of the Frame Scaffolding are the most important structure of the Frame Scaffolding.
    a.The Main tube size of the Frame Scaffolding is 42mm/60mm, and its thickness is 1.6-2.5mm.
    b.The size of the second tube of the Frame Scaffolding is 22mm/25mm, and its thickness is 1-2mm.
    c.The height of the Frame Scaffolding is 1219mm/1700mm/1524mm/1930mm/914mm and so on.
    ②Cross Brace: used as a fastener and articulator on the Frame Scaffolding, so that the Frame Scaffolding will not shake and stand upright.
    The size of the diagonal rod of the Frame Scaffolding is 2198*22*1.5mm.
    ③Joint Pin: The joint pin is the connector of the Frame Scaffolding.
    The joint pin size of the Frame Scaffolding is 225*36*1.5mm.

    13. What is H Frame Scaffolding?

    There are two main types of H-shaped Frame Scaffolding. One is welded by two vertical and two horizontal pipes. As the main pole, the diameter is generally 42 or 60mm. There will be a welded pole in the middle as reinforcement and then welded. There are two auxiliary rods with a diameter of about 25 or 48mm. The function of the two auxiliary rods is to be used as a ladder to climb;
    and the second type of H-shaped Frame Scaffolding is completely similar to a ladder, with three layers of cross rods and two vertical rods welded together.
    Two types of surface treatment methods can be galvanized and powder-coated.

    14. How much does a set of Frame Scaffolding cost?

    When calculating the cost of Frame Scaffolding, first determine the accessories included in a set of Frame Scaffolding, and confirm whether they are what you need, or whether there are other things that need to be added, because there are many types of Frame Scaffolding accessories. Generally, one set of Frame Scaffolding includes two frames, two cross braces, four joint pins, and a plank. The value is about 38-59 U.S. dollars.
    The type of lock pin on the frame, thickness, surface treatment, whether additional drilling is required, etc. All determine the different prices, we can recommend the appropriate type for you according to the country.

    15. What are ledgers in Frame Scaffolding?

    The Ledger of the Frame Scaffolding refers to the Horizontal ledger of the ring-lock Frame Scaffolding. The ring-lock Frame Scaffolding is mainly composed of vertical standard, horizontal ledger and diagonal Brace. The surface treatment is hot-dip galvanized, and the thickness is between 2.5-4.0mm, which is strong and durable.
    Just provide the height, width, and length of the overall building, we can match you with the appropriate specifications, please feel free to contact us.

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