Advantage of Curved Formwork

1. The Curved Formwork are easier to disassemble and install on site.

2. The Curved Formwork are not easy to be deformed and damaged due to its own material. Steel can be reused, so it is more popular in the market.

3. Steel has better ductility and is suitable for cylindrical or circular structures. Curved Formwork can be customized to any type of modular shape or size.

4.Curved Formwork do not absorb the moisture of concrete like wooden formwork. Therefore, Construction Formworks for concrete can guarantee the best quality.




Curved Formwork are used in concrete construction, the Curved Formwork which make the concrete is poured and allowed to harden. Types of Curved Formwork depend on concrete formwork materials and types of Curved Formwork  element.

1.The Curved Formwork should be light enough for transport.

2.Enough firm to support the load needed for the Curved Formwork shuttering.

3.It is easily to remove Curved Formwork module as they are concrete shuttering.

4.Curved Formwork should ensure the confidentiality and waterproofness of the Construction Formworks construction.





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