Concrete Shutters

Concrete Shutters are artificial support provided below and around the precast or cast in situ concrete work.

Concrete Shutters are commonly made of metal material, It is of prime importance in the construction & casting concrete industry.

Advantages :

  • Concrete Shutters with Great reusability.
  • Concrete Shutters are durable and stronger.
  • Concrete Shutters are Easy to fix Formwork and also easy to dismantle.
  • Concrete Shutters Provides a uniform and smooth surface finish to the structure.
Metal Formwork Drawing
Concrete Shutters Drawing


1. What are Concrete formwork Shutters for construction?

Concrete formwork Shutters for construction refer to the process of pouring concrete until molding.
Mould of concrete structure or reinforced concrete structure consists of panel and support system, connection accessories.

2. What are the kinds of Concrete formwork Shutters?

There are many kinds of Concrete formwork Shutters, including wood formwork, steel formwork, bamboo formwork, plastic formwork, etc.
When making foundation bulk concrete, brick mold can also be used in brick. So there is not a uniform thickness standard.
Template thickness all needs to be computational and determined according to the type of Concrete formwork Shutter adopted, template structure, and the load situation.

3. What is the difference between wood Concrete Shutters and Steel-Concrete Shutters?

From the material point of view, one is wood formwork, one is steel formwork.
In terms of construction, because the steel Concrete formwork Shutters are generally made according to the size of the module, it is easier to support and install and dismantle.
At the same time, after the steel Concrete formwork Shutters removal, the concrete surface is relatively smooth and beautiful, and another advantage is that the steel formwork is not easy to deform in the process of use and transportation.

4. Is there any difference between steel formwork and Concrete Shutters?

Both steel formwork and Concrete Shutters are commonly used terms in the concrete construction industry. Sometimes these terms can be used interchangeably. Steel formwork is a general term used to describe the molding process. Concrete Shutters are defined as temporary molds used to hold wet concrete in place until the concrete sets and solidifies. There is essentially no difference.

5. What conditions should good quality Concrete Shutters have?

Good Concrete Shutters should meet the following requirements:

1. The material of the Concrete Shutters should be cheap and suitable for multiple reuses.
2. The Concrete Shutters should actually be waterproof so that it does not leak and absorb water in the concrete.
3. In addition, its shrinkage and expansion should be minimal.
4. It should be able to easily bear concrete loads and live loads such as pouring, vibration, compaction, and maintenance.
5. It should have sufficient stiffness to minimize deflection.
6. It should be made light, smooth, and easy to stop as soon as possible.
7. All joints in the Concrete Shutters should be leak-proof.
8. The Concrete Shutters should rest on immovable support.

6. Why prefer to choose Concrete Shutters instead of timber shutters?

Although the use of steel in the Concrete Shutters will increase the initial cost, it has proven to be economical in the long run because it can be reused more times, usually ten times as much as the wooden formwork.
After the steel Concrete Shutters are used, there is less further finishing treatment because it can provide an excellent exposed concrete surface.
Since steel does not have the ability to water-absorbing concrete, the possibility of forming a honeycomb surface is negligible. Compared with other products, it is easy to disassemble and has higher strength and durability.

7. What are the characteristics of Concrete Shutter?

The characteristic of the Concrete Shutter is to fix the large steel plate and the steel bars together.
The Concrete Shutter is used when the concrete is poured to help fix it in place when the concrete is solidified.
The Concrete Shutter is also strong enough to withstand the weight of a large amount of concrete.

8. Why use a Concrete Shutter system?

When pouring concrete, steel is usually used for Concrete Shutter and reinforcement.
Concrete Shutter is a popular choice for a variety of reasons, including:
Concrete Shutter will not bend or warp when pouring concrete
Concrete Shutter can be used multiple times
Concrete Shutter provides a uniform and smooth surface for the concrete surface
Concrete Shutter easy-to-repair templates
Concrete Shutter easy to disassemble

9. Why choose TSX Concrete Shutter?

When you work on large projects (such as dams, bridges, and similar structures), your capabilities depend on your Concrete Shutter.
In any case, you need a sturdy and safe Concrete Shutter to complete the job correctly and safely.
TSX Concrete Shutter has the products you need to complete your tasks perfectly.
There will be no errors in our Concrete Shutter. When you need to arrange Concrete Shutter according to your exact standards, please contact us.

10. Are Concrete Shutters safe in construction?

Yes, Concrete Shutters provides superior structural safety by providing solutions for all overlay loads, resulting in exceptionally safe and practical Concrete Shutters

11. What are the advantages of Concrete Shutters?

Such concrete structural Concrete Shutters often include custom solutions that require skilled workers. This type of Formwork For ConstructionConcrete Shutters usually offers high safety, fast field construction and cost savings.

12. What are Concrete Shutters?

Concrete Shutters mean the surface of the form and framing used to contain and shape wet concrete until it is self-supporting. Concrete Shutters includes the forms on or within which the concrete is poured and the frames and bracing which provide stability

13. Why are Steel Concrete Shutters so popular now?

①Steel Concrete Shutters are light in weight and easy to handle manually.
②Steel Concrete Shutters can be used many times without damage, saving cost.
③Steel Concrete Shutters are waterproof and fireproof, and will not be deformed by water seepage.

14. Why use Concrete Shutters?

①Short construction period. The Concrete Shutters construction and disassembly is very simple, site construction speed, saving management costs.
②High reuse rate and lower average cost.
③Construction is easier, convenient, and effective.

15. Can the Concrete Shutters be used at home?

Sure. Concrete Shutters can be used not only on the job site but also in the indoor environment. Houses like ours are shaped with the help of Concrete Shutters. So Concrete Shutters are everywhere in our daily life.

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