Concrete Construction Formwork

  1. It is solid and durable
  2. Used in the construction industry
  3. It can be reused for 100 to 200 times
  4. We are an advanced manufacturer based in Tianjin, China, using the latest production techniques and we have expanded our product range to include a total business solution
Metal Formwork Drawing
Metal Formwork Drawing


1. How do you get a Concrete Construction Formwork quotation?

You can send us your material list to request a quotation, or you can also simply
please send us the structural drawing and project information for the Concrete Construction Formwork
proposal via the contact page.

2. Do I use this set of formwork for another project?

There are nearly 70% of standard panels that can be commonly used.

3. What’s the width of Concrete Construction Formwork? Can you do 600mm?

Our Concrete Construction Formwork width is about 100 mm-900 mm.
Yes, we can do 600mm.

4. How much is the price of Concrete Construction Formwork?

The price of the Concrete Construction Formwork is calculated according to the size and weight.
The price is not fixed.
It is necessary to check the real-time exchange rate and the market price of raw

5. What is Concrete Construction Formwork?

Concrete Construction Formwork means the surface of the form and framing used to contain and shape wet concrete until it is self-supporting. Concrete Construction Formwork includes the forms on or within which the concrete is poured and the frames and bracing that provide stability.

6. How can I choose specifications for Concrete Construction Formwork?

You can tell us the height of your building or we can give you a suitable specification based on our experience in your market. We also provide several sizes.

7. What are the most commonly used materials for Concrete Construction Formwork?

Steel is the most commonly used Concrete Construction Formwork material.

8. When can the Concrete Construction Formwork be removed from the concrete slab?

For concrete slabs, the Concrete Formwork can usually be removed after 3 days, and
the pillars can be removed after 2 weeks.

9. How many days does it take to cure the Concrete Construction Formwork?

Concrete usually takes 24 to 48 hours to dry enough for you to walk or drive on
Concrete Construction Formwork.
However, concrete drying is a continuous and flowing process, which usually sets
completely after about 28 days.

10. What is Concrete Construction Formwork made of?

In addition to steel, Concrete Construction Formwork can also be made of wood and plywood. These materials can be used alone or together. Steel is the most common type of Concrete Construction Formwork in heavy civil construction.

11. How is the Concrete Construction Formwork used?

As the vertical height of the poured concrete increases, the substance will generate lateral pressure when pushing the inner surface of the formwork. Waiting for the concrete to dry, the desired wall or column can be obtained.
It should be noted that if too much concrete is poured at one time, and the strength of the connection device is not strong enough to withstand the pressure, the wet concrete may break through the Concrete Construction Formwork.

12. How do you keep concrete from sticking to Concrete Construction Formwork?

a. Use and properly apply the specially developed release agent to lubricate the mold to avoid mold release problems;
b. Vibrate the concrete at several points in the concrete to avoid the abrasion of the release agent;
c. When pouring concrete into the concrete construction formwork, it must be moved to avoid degradation of the release agent;
d. Let the concrete completely solidify and harden to avoid the chance of vacuum;
e. Adopt good mold management, maintenance, and cleaning.

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