Concrete Column Formwork

1.The main raw material of Concrete Column Formwork is Q235.

2.Concrete Column Formwork can be reused 100 to 200 times.

3.Concrete Column Formwork is used for pouring concrete into shape.

4.Although the Concrete Column Formwork weight is heavy, it is very solid, stable and durable. 

Concrete Column Formwork Certificate
Concrete Column Formwork Certificate

TSX is an experienced Factory for making Concrete Column Formwork.

OEM Concrete Column Formwork is warmly welcomed in TSX Group.

Orders, Especially for the normal flat formwork, angle formwork, Round column formwork, Square Column Formwork, and Special Shape Formworks are mostly welcomed.


1. Can be concrete column formwork customized?

Yes, you can.
Our concrete column formwork can be customized according to your needs.

2. What color you can do for concrete column formwork?

We can do any color for concrete column formwork as long as you can provide the color sample.

3. What can you do for us?

We provide construction advice and quotations to owners and building contractors.
We sell our concrete column formwork product to contractors, building companies, material suppliers, or trading companies.
We support our worldwide peer companies with our outstanding concrete column formwork products.

4.How much is the price of Concrete Column Formwork?

The price of the Concrete Column Formwork is calculated according to the size and weight.
The price is not fixed.
It is necessary to check the real-time exchange rate and the market price of raw materials.

5. How do I know how many Concrete Column Formworks I need to use?

We can match the number of Concrete columns Formwork according to the area or total area of each part of the wall provided by you.

6. What is the purpose of Concrete column formwork?

Concrete Column Formwork shall be used as formwork for concrete structures, provided by soil or other structures.
It molds the placed new concrete (which is usually sticky at this stage) into the shape you want.

7. How to extend the life of the Concrete Column Formwork?

-Don’t drive too many nails on Concrete Column Formwork.
-Only use as much wood, brackets, tethers, etc. as needed.
-Consider which plank, panel, or square timber to peel off first, and fix them so that they can be easily removed in the correct order.

8. What are the advantages of Concrete Column Formwork?

Another advantage is to save time.
By reducing floor-to-floor construction time, Concrete Column Formwork helps reduce project construction time.
In addition, Concrete Column Formwork plays a vital role in meeting budget requirements and reducing costs.
The use of Concrete Column Formwork helps project managers to promote the timely mobilization and demobilization of template resources, thereby further reducing costs and improving efficiency.

9. Why choose TSX Concrete Column Formwork?

Concrete Column Formwork is safety, economy, economy.
Concrete Column Formwork is strong, strong, light.
Concrete Column Formwork suitable for demolition and reuse after construction (depending on the type of formwork).

10. What kind of types do you have?

For the concrete column formwork, our hot-selling styles are mainly two types, the adjustable concrete column formwork and the formwork connected with the connecting angle.

11. What are the surface treatments of concrete column formwork?

The surface treatment of the concrete column formwork is painted, the most common colors are red and blue.

12. How thick is concrete column formwork?

The conventional thickness is 3mm.
If the height of the concrete column formwork exceeds 2.5m, the thickness of the panel and frame will be changed according to the height and width.

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