Building Acrow formworks

Good Concrete Pit Formwork should meet the following requirements:

1. Formworks should be sufficient strength.

For example, self-weight, the weight of steel bars, the weight of wet concrete, worker’s load, and any other load during and after concrete placement.

2. Formworks should be inflexible construction and effective support and support to maintain their shape without excessive deflection.

3. The joints of the formwork should be tight to prevent the cement slurry from leaking out.


Acrow Formwork Drawing Draft
Acrow Formwork Drawing Draft


1. What type of formwork belongs to Concrete Pit Formwork?

The Concrete Pit Formwork means the combination of Concrete Pit and formwork.
The Concrete Pit Formwork is not a conventional style but is a push-pull prop.
The meaning of the Concrete Pit Formwork is that the push-pull prop supports the wall formwork, which is convenient for workers to pour concrete between the two wall formwork.

2. When to choose a Concrete Pit Formwork?

There are many types of formwork systems including the Concrete Pit Formworks.
Concrete Pit Formworks means that there is a certain space between the two sides of the formwork.
In the process of pouring concrete using the Concrete Pit Formwork, it will expand outward due to tension and affect the final concrete shape, which may cause accidents in serious cases.
This requires choosing a Concrete Pit Formworks to increase resistance.

3. How to match the number of Concrete Pit Formwork?

In terms of quantity matching, it is necessary to take the specifications into account of the Concrete Pit Formwork, the bearing capacity that needs to be reached, the same as the project budget.
If you need a Concrete Pit Formwork, please feel free to contact us.

4. Why use a Concrete Pit Formwork?

Concrete Pit Formwork will not bend or warp when pouring concrete.
Concrete Pit Formwork can be used multiple times.
Concrete Pit Formwork provide a uniform and smooth finish for the concrete surface.
It is easy to fix the Concrete Pit Formworks.
It is easy to disassemble the Concrete Pit Formworks.

5. How long is the lifetime of Concrete Pit Formwork?

If properly maintained, The Concrete Pit Formworks can be last up to 5,00 work cycles.

6. Why the price of Concrete Pit Formworks is high, but it is still the most economical formwork?

Although the price of steel Concrete Pit Formwork is higher than the wood template, its excellent durability and the fact that Concrete Pit Formworks can be reused many times make it so cost-effective.

7. Can the Building Concrete Pit Formwork Products be reused?

Yes, The Concrete Pit Formwork Products can be reused many times.
Concrete Pit Formworks can be resold after the project is completed.
In other words, the reusable Concrete Pit Formworks will save you money and time again.

8. How can I choose specifications about Concrete Pit Formwork Products?

There are various specs for the Concrete Pit Formwork.
The Concrete Pit Formworks will be provided according to the project or construction request.
After more details about the Construction or Project provide, a suitable specification of Concrete Pit Formwork based on our experience in your market.

9. How to ensure Concrete Pit Formworks’ quality?

First of all, we have QC department to control the Concrete Pit Formwork’ quality when producing and before the delivery.
Secondly, A third-party testing agency to verify our Concrete Pit Formwork’ quality is also accepted.

10. What’s your Concrete Pit Formwork’ MOQ?

Generally, the Concrete Pit Formwork’ MOQ should be one full 40HQ Container.
But if the quantity of the Concrete Pit Formwork for the first trial order is the last issue for this order, We will try to apply a 20ft container at the first cooperation first.

11. How long is your delivery time for the Concrete Pit Formwork?

Generally, it is 7-14 days if the Concrete Pit Formworks’ normal sizes are in stock.
It will take 3-4weeks if the Concrete Pit Formwork are not in stock.
Of course, the different order quantities will influence the delivery time also.

12. What are your payment terms for the Concrete Pit Formwork?

The payment for Concrete Pit Formwork based on the CIF Delivery Term should be T/T 30% in advance, the 70% Balance against the copy of BL. Or 100% L/C at sight is also can be accepted.
The payment for Concrete Pit Formworks based on the FOB Delivery Term should be T/T 30% in advance, the 70% Balance before loading the container.

13.How does The Concrete Pit Formwork Meet The Load-Bearing And Height Requirements?

The welds of each template are at a right angle of 90 degrees to obtain maximum strength while maintaining the thickness of the entire plane without adding extra weight.

14.What is The Application Scope Of The Concrete Pit Formwork?

The Concrete Pit Formworks provide vertical strength and a foundation to which additional support products can be added. It also provides compatibility with other products, making it versatile and cost-effective to use. They can be used for building walls, bridges, sewers, etc.

15.How To Ensure The Safety Of Workers Using Concrete Pit Formwork?

Do well in the training knowledge of the workers, and do not move the Concrete Pit Formwork by yourself when using the Concrete Pit Formwork by multiple people. Regularly check the lie of the Concrete Pit Formwork

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