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TSX's Builders Props Quality & Safety

  • Builders Props usually can be used for 5-10 years.
  • Builders Props Three types : 40/ 48mm; 48/56mm; 48/60mm.
  • Builders Props Surface Treatment: Galvanized, Powder Coated, Hot Dipped Galvanized

Italian Type Builders Props

Italian Type Builders Props

  • Inner Tube: 48mm
  • Outer Tube: 56m
  • Plate Type: Flower plate, square plate, u-head plate
  • Surface Treatment: Powder Coated

Spanish Type Builders Props

Spanish Type Builders Props

  • Inner Tube: 40mm
  • Outer Tube: 48mm
  • Plate Type: Flower plate, square plate, u-head plate
  • Surface Treatment: Powder Coated, Galvanized

Builders Props For Sale

Builders Props, also known as Acrow props. Designed to provide temporary support for formwork, walls, ceilings, and overhead structures. These Builders Props are regularly deployed during construction and maintenance, which can improve production efficiency and safety.

TheBuilders Props adopt a telescopic design: the tubular steel provides a telescopic effect so that the props can be tightly wound in place. The same design makes the installation, transportation and storage of Builders Props a breeze. The safe working load limit will depend on the size of the Acrow pillar and its installation location.


1. What is the protection of the Builders Props during transportation?

During transportation, Builders Props has two ways of transportation, bundles or bulk with steel strips, and the steel strip is bundled in the container, and basically does not move.
In the bulk transportation method, the Builders Props a piece of steel is placed flat into the container and does not move.

2. Can Builders Props be used permanently?

Under normal circumstances, Builders Props is a temporary support structure. During use, because it is often necessary to adjust the height and bear the corresponding gravity multiple times, there must be loss, so when it is used as a permanent use, it needs to be used before. Test the bearing capacity to confirm whether the required bearing capacity can be achieved.

3. When should Builders Props be removed?

The Builders Props should not be removed until the overall structure is completed. In the process of use, the Builders Props and the load-bearing wall are basically the same method of use-the Builders Props can only be removed after a new Builders Props is placed, and it must be fully supported and will not move.

4. TSX Builders props:

TSX Builders Props is mainly used to support the formwork.
Builders Props multiple practical functions of Builders Props ensure fast and safe operation-for example, including the trend-leading adjustment nut of Builders Props or the ergonomic G-shaped hook, Builders Props will not get stuck. Galvanization guarantees a long service life.
However, if the construction personnel is damaged in the daily heavy work on the site, the inner tube and the outer tube can be replaced separately.

5. What can Builders props do?

Builders props are the vertical support system for any construction work.
The Builders props are strong enough and have a certain defensive ability against fire.
Builders props are used to help the walls and prevent them from falling.
Builders props are often used when a door or window is hit hard or hits through a load-bearing wall.

6. What length are Builders props usually?

Builders props 5’9″ to 10’3″ Builders props Heavy Duty Post Shores(also known as Steel Props, Acrow Props, Telescopic Props, Shoring Props) Made by High-Quality Strengh Steel 3M,4M,5M or other lengths can be customized.

7. What is the bearing capacity of the Builders Props?

The bearing capacity of Builders Props depends on its size, weight, and thickness. If the thickness of Builders Props is 2mm from 2.2m to 4 m, Builders Props will have a load-bearing capacity of 2200 kg to 2500 kg when closed and a maximum length of 1500 kg to 1800 kg when Builders Props extended.

8. What kind of Builders Props is the best seller?

The best-selling Builders Props is the Middle Eastern type, which is 2.2m to 4m in size and is suitable for the US market, the UK market, some African markets such as Djibouti, Ghana, Uganda, and some other countries.

9. Do you supply Builders Props samples?

We provide Builders Props samples. However, it should be noted that the sample fee and express fee should be provided by yourself. When you place a large order, we will return the Builders Props sample fee.

10. Why is Builders Props popular in the construction industry?

①Builders Props include an outer tube, inner tube, sleeve, nut, pin, top plate, and bottom plate, which is easy to assemble, easy to operate, and save manpower.
②Builders Props can support the wall, so that the wall will not collapse, thus ensuring the safety of workers.
③Builders Props has low cost and economic benefit.

11. Can you tell me something about Builders Props?

Adjustable Builders Props are widely used in different supporting fields. Builders Props have a high load-carrying capacity and can meet the maximum stability of field work. Builders Props can also be adjusted to different sizes.
①Inner tube/outer tube of Builders Props: 40/48mm; 48/56mm; 48/60mm
②Tube thickness of Builders Props: 1.6-4mm
③Surface finish of Builders Props: Galvanised, Powder Coated, Hot dip galvanized
④Performance: Good bearing capacity, durable and stable
⑤OEM service.

12. What are the features of Builders Props?

①Adjustable Builders Props, bear reasonable force, so as to obtain higher bearing capacity, so as to reduce the total amount to save construction costs.

②The adjustable Builders Props eliminates the need to add a horizontal strut, and the strut and tripod form a complete set that becomes the foundation. The Builders Props system maintains verticality and accuracy, saving labor and man-hours.

③All kinds of surface treatment, including : galvanized, powder coated and hot-dip galvanized. The high-quality surface treatment will prolong the use time.

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