Construction Safety: Baker Scaffold

Multi-Purpose Of Baker Scaffold

  • Baker Scaffold For High Place
  • Baker Scaffold For High Ceilings
  • Baker Scaffold For Stairs
  • Baker Scaffold For General Building

Baker Scaffold Type

The following content shows the conventional styles and dimensions of Baker Scaffold

The Details Determine The Quality of Baker Scaffold

  • Ladder type Baker Scaffold Frame: 1700x1219mm
  • Baker Scaffold Main Pipe: Dia 42* Thick 2.5mm
  • Baker Scaffold Second Pipe : Dia25* Thick 2.0mm
  • Baker Scaffold Surface Treatment: Blue Powder Coated

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    Baker Scaffold Makes The Job Easier

    Baker scaffold protects your building as the weight is supported on a separate platform. We can install and fix them anywhere as it is made up of different parts.

    Baker Scaffold, also known as multi-purpose, all-purpose, or utility Baker Scaffold,  has become popular for use on interior projects, such as painting, drywall, plastering, or any job that requires frequent movement.

    Whatever your project, know that with the Baker scaffold you’ve found a product that is easy to work with, is light and stable, and provides you the safety you need as you work on those hard to reach places.

    Baker Scaffold Fast Delivery and Production
    7*24 Hours Online Service
    Manufacturing Baker Scaffold for Ten Years
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    Never Stop on the Road of Innovation For Baker Scaffold

    TSX: A Brand You Can Trust

    TSX is  CE certified Baker Scaffold manufacturer, you can find the Baker Scaffold tower and relative parts are great welding quality.

    TSX is the Baker Scaffold manufacturer in China and sell all over the world, popular markets include North America. South America, Europe, Africa and Oceania.

    According to different Market requests. we can provide different Standards based on different market client’s requests. Send us your baker scaffold requirement to have a great benefit by import directly from TSX.


    1. Why is it called Baker scaffold?

    The indoor scaffold is also known as Baker Scaffold. Because of its small size and portability, it can be used for many different construction and work applications, such as painting walls and decorating shops. Their functions are the same as platform ladders, and they are more suitable for indoor use, safe and lower cost.

    2.How many Baker scaffolds can you stack?

    According to experience, a baker scaffold can be built up to the tenth floor, with guardrails placed on the top layer.

    3.How soon can I get the sample?

    It takes one week for baker scaffold samples to be made and can be sent by air transport. Shipping time is generally 1-2 weeks, according to the real-time situation.

    4. Is Baker Scaffold safe?

    Optional safety guardrail accessories provide the ultimate safety, guaranteeing your safety and peace of mind when you work at different heights with Baker Scaffold.

    5. Baker Scaffold can only be used on flat ground?

    Each ladder end frame adjusts individually. Raise one end frame for dependable stability on stairways or uneven terrain, or keep them both the same height for solid use on flat ground.

    6. Where Baker Scaffolding can be used

    1) Unit can be used on stairways and is ideal for drywall and painting applications and a wide variety of other uses.
    2) For both interior and exterior use on hard surfaces making the unit versatile to meet the requirements for most of your applications.
    3) The Baker scaffold design is very portable to move from room to room.

    7. What is a baker scaffold?

    Baker scaffold is a metal scaffold that is easy to assemble. Our baker scaffold has two types: door baker scaffold and ladder baker scaffold.
    Main tube: 42mm/60mm
    Second tube: 22mm/25mm
    Height: 1219mm/1930mm/1700mm/1524mm/914mm
    Accessories: cross brace, joint pin
    Surface treatment: galvanized, powder coated
    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

    8.What is the thickness of the baker scaffold?

    Main tube thickness: 1.6mm-2.5mm.
    Second tube thickness: 1mm-2mm.

    9. How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?

    Firstly, we keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customer’s benefit.
    Secondly, we respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them, no matter where they come from.

    10. How to assemble Baker scaffold?

    Assemble the Baker scaffold frame. Layout the ends of the scaffolding. Lift one end piece and attach the cross brace.
    When you lift the second end piece and connect its upper beam, the distal end of the bracket should support the end piece. Fix the end of the cross brace to the bottom of the opposite end frame.

    11. How to climb the Baker scaffold safely?

    If using a ladder to climb up the Baker scaffold, please use a ladder designed for that particular scaffold.
    Stair-like ladders can be used to climb scaffolding but must have handrails and treads.

    12. What are the advantages of the Baker scaffold?

    Baker scaffold provides a wider platform working surface, can be moved without disassembly, and is equipped with guardrails to prevent you from falling.

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