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Mini Acrow Props Processes


  • Prenatal Inspection 3 times For The Mini Acrow Props:  Choose the Raw material ( Q235 Material )
  • Inline Inspection 4-6 times For The Mini Acrow Props: Cutting Pipe -Outer Tube Wire – Inner Tube Punching – Stamping Hole – Welding
  • Final Inspection all the time For The Mini Acrow Props: Packing – Loading

Multi Mini Acrow Props For Sale


Multi-Mini Acrow Props Are Easy To Use For A Wide Range Of Applications.

Mini Acrow Props Are Designed To Support A Range Of Floors And Temporary Beams.

2.2-4.0M Steel Mini Acrow Props For Sale


  • Italian Type Mini Acrow Props.
  • When Mini Acrow Props Height at 2.2 m,With a maximum load capacity of 15.62 KN.
  • When Mini Acrow Props Height at 4.0 m, With a maximum load capacity of 6.2 KN.
  • The Mini Acrow Props are powder coated, protecting them from knocks and corrosion, and giving them a longer life.
  • Cup Nut Adjustable Props
  • Painted Adjustable Props
  • Angle Head Adjustable Props
  • TSX Adjustable Props
  • Powder Coated Adjustable Props
  • Green Adjustable Props

DIN EN 1065 Mini Acrow Props

TSX Class B 30 ( 1.82-3.0M) Load Capacity 21.1 – 39 KN
TSX Class B 35 (2.07-3.5M) Load Capacity 15.8 – 30 KN
TSX Class B 40 (2.34-4.0M) Load Capacity  11.6 – 30 KN
TSX Class D 30 (1.82-3.0M) Load Capacity 21.1 – 39 KN
TSX Class D 35 ( 2.10-3.5M) Load Capacity 20.6 – 30 KN


Mini Acrow Props Production Processes

Cutting The Shuttering Props' Pipe
Automatic Cutting The Mini Acrow Props' Pipe By Machine
Welding The Steel Props Screw
Welding The Mini Acrow Props' Screw With Outer Tube
Welding The Steel Props Plate
Welding The Mini Acrow Props' Plate On The Tubes
Powder Coating the Shuttering Props
Powder Coating The Mini Acrow Props Surface
Assembling the Steel Props
Assembling The Mini Acrow Props
Packing The Steel Props
Packing The Mini Acrow Props

Mini Acrow Props For Sale

Mini Acrow Props are generally classified into Light Duty Props, Heavy-Duty Props, Props with Forkhead, and Shoring Props.

  • Height: 1.55-5.0m or as your request
  • Surface: Galvanized, Painted, and Powder Coated
  • Type: Spanish Type, Italian Type, and German Type
  • High Loading Capacity Mini Acrow Props, Designed To Bear More Than 30KN .


    1.What are Mini Acrow Props?

    The Mini Acrow Props are designed to support the roof and temporary beams and are compatible with the fork head. The height can be adjusted according to different construction departments.

    2.Where can I use the Mini Acrow Props?

    Mini Acrow Props are a system of structural members used to temporarily support loads during construction. The forces generated by these loads must be completely resolved, such as on the construction site, repairing buildings, and home repairs.

    3.What is the MOQ of the Mini Acrow Props?

    Our minimum order quantity of Mini Acrow Props is 500 pieces, samples are supported, the unit price is 50 US dollars, customized need to be confirmed with us.

    4. What Mini Acrow Props?

    Mini Acrow Props are widely used for vertical structural support and can be adapted to vertical supports of any floor and module shape.
    It is supported with simple and flexible operation, good stability, and convenient installation.

    5. What are the advantages of Mini Acrow Props?

    1) Mini Acrow Props simple and flexible operation, quick disassembly, and assembly.
    2) Mini Acrow Props with high capacity and safety.
    3) Mini Acrow Props surface treatment of hot-dip galvanized or hot-dipped paint after galvanizing to ensure the anti-corrosion of the product, prolong the service life and improve the recycling.
    It is widely used in various construction projects.

    6. Why choose TSX Mini Acrow Props?

    Our Mini Acrow Props make it easy to support, and the lightweight and multifunctional design can achieve seamless installation, handling, and height adjustment. Rent the perfect Mini Acrow Props solution for your project from our scope.

    7.When should Mini Acrow Props be removed?

    The Mini Acrow Props should never be removed until the structure is completely sound. The same is true of a load-bearing wall – the Mini Acrow Props should only be removed once new supports have been placed.

    8. How can I choose specifications for Mini Acrow Props?

    You can tell us the height of your building or we can give you a suitable specification based on our experience in your market. We also provide several sizes of Mini Acrow Props for you to choose from.

    9. When should I use Mini Acrow Props?

    Generally, Mini Acrow Props are used for scaffolding or building support to aid in the completion of the following tasks or projects:
    1)Construction or renovation of a building.
    2)Adding a window, doorway, or archway to a wall.
    3)Installing reinforced beams and concrete sections.
    4)Used as support for stairs, columns, and wall formwork.

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