Steel Acrow Prop  

An acrow prop is a temporary vertical support used in the construction industry to hold up load bearing objects.

A Steel prop can prevent them from collapsing while building or repair work is carried out below.

An Acrow prop is a telescopic tubular steel piece of construction equipment.

It is used as temporary support.


Advantages Steel Acrow Prop

  • Good performance and cost-effective
  • Labor-saving and material saving, also project quality assuring
  • Environmental friendly

Steel Prop

The safe Loading Capacity that each Acrow Prop can bear depends on the size.

The Loading Capacity decreases as the prop is extended.


Scaffolding Acrow Prop Manufacturing

Heavy Duty Steel Prop Test Reprot

Light Duty Steel Prop Test Report

  • Acrow Prop

Steel Prop

Steel Prop Known by several names including shore prop, acro prop, acro jack and post shores.

They are height adjustable by a wide diameter screw thread which is on the outside of the tube.

The use of a screw thread means that the props can be tightened when already in place, which allows the user to adjust the load that each one bears.


Steel Acrow Prop for Scaffolding Use


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    1.Who is the adjustable prop manufacturers?

    TSX, as an adjustable prop Manufacturer & Trading Combo, produce and export adjustable props for ten years.
    TSX exports Adjustable Prop Products to more than 50 countries.

    2. What are the sales channels for adjustable prop manufacturers ?

    We can support many types of buyer purchases, such as traders, wholesalers, retailers, and OEMs, and importers. The minimum order quantity can also be adjusted according to the order situation, and samples are supported.

    3. Can the adjustable prop manufacturers match other products for us?

    As an adjustable prop Manufacturers operating in northern China for more than ten years, Big Yes!!!
    we can also match other products for our customers, such as formwork, scaffolding, and galvanized pipe. Please contact us if you need it.

    4. Which applications are the Adjustable Props Manufacturers suitable for?

    Adjustable Props Manufacturers can be used in most building forms because they support horizontal loads.
    They can be used as:
    Temporary support
    Formwork reinforcement support
    Floor support to transfer the load from one floor to another
    Slab reinforcement

    5. Which size of Adjustable Props Manufacturers should you choose?

    When choosing an Adjustable Props Manufacturers, two things need to be considered: the height that the Adjustable Props Manufacturers need to reach and the weight that needs to be supported.

    6.What are the advantages of Adjustable Props Manufacturers?

    There are many different sizes of Adjustable Props Manufacturers, so it is easy to find the required height.
    The Adjustable Props Manufacturers can withstand a lot of weight (up to 4.2 tons).
    There are grooves on the Adjustable Props Manufacturers base plate, allowing multiple props to be stacked horizontally when not in use.

    7.How Do You Choose Adjustable Prop Manufacturers ?

    First of all, we need to consider whether the Adjustable Prop Manufacturers conform to national standards and environmental protection production capacity.
    Secondly, we need to consider the production capacity of the Adjustable Prop Manufacturers, that is, how long the delivery time The delivery time of our Adjustable Prop Manufacturers is usually 4-6 weeks.

    8.What is your Adjustable Prop Manufacturers advantage?

    Our main advantages have three points:
    1)Provide customized OEM.
    2)Integration of industry and trade, guaranteed delivery, and first-hand price.
    3)One-stop service, provide a complete set of building system products, including scaffolding, steel formwork, and other products, please refer to our website.

    9.How much is the price of Adjustable Prop Manufacturers?

    The price of the Adjustable Prop Manufacturers is calculated according to the size and weight. The price is not fixed.
    It is necessary to check the real-time exchange rate and the market price of raw materials.

    10. Why should you buy from us, not from other suppliers?

    a. Professional Technical and Sales Teams.
    b. Consummate After-sale Service.
    Our company practices its marketing according to the principle of “quality first, reputation first, service first, customer first, innovate constantly, strive for perfection”.

    11.What services can we provide about adjustable prop manufacturers?

    Accepted Delivery Term: EXW, FOB, CIF.
    Accepted Payment Type: T/T, L/C.
    Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese.

    12. Do you have inspection procedures for the manufacturing line?

    We have a self-inspection quality management system during production and before packing.