Steel Acrow Prop  

An acrow prop is a temporary vertical support used in the construction industry to hold up load bearing objects.

A Steel prop can prevent them from collapsing while building or repair work is carried out below.

An Acrow prop is a telescopic tubular steel piece of construction equipment.

It is used as temporary support.


Advantages Steel Acrow Prop

  • Good performance and cost-effective
  • Labor-saving and material saving, also project quality assuring
  • Environmental friendly

Steel Prop

The safe Loading Capacity that each Acrow Prop can bear depends on the size.

The Loading Capacity decreases as the prop is extended.


Scaffolding Acrow Prop Manufacturing

Heavy Duty Steel Prop Test Reprot

Light Duty Steel Prop Test Report

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Steel Prop

Steel Prop Known by several names including shore prop, acro prop, acro jack and post shores.

They are height adjustable by a wide diameter screw thread which is on the outside of the tube.

The use of a screw thread means that the props can be tightened when already in place, which allows the user to adjust the load that each one bears.


Steel Acrow Prop for Scaffolding Use


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