Adjustable Column Formwork

Steel Slab Formwork Features of Steel Slab Formwork This type of Steel Slab Formwork is a kind of tool formwork, which consists of numerous modular plates, angle formwork, braces, and connecting pieces. The formwork is provided with climbing holes specially designed for the placement of counter bolts, which is applicable to the foundations of buildings both at home and abroad.

Adjustable Column Formwork

The construction unit may assemble the formwork and install the climbing bolts in line with the proposal for the arrangement of formwork prepared in advance Construction of concrete wall, beam as well as an independent oblong column.

Excellent Performace of steel building formwork 
Steel Slab Formwork is today’s most multi-functional formwork due to the following reasons:

1. Easy To Handle: Easy operation, workers under correct direction will be competent for the work.

2. Widely Used: Free size, suitable for any height by connecting different size vertical props together

3. Improving Construction: Make the construction site neat and clear, improve the project Quality.

4. Recycling: The life cycle is about 300 times.

5. Working load: 450kg(max);

Available size of  Steel Slab Formwork:

NameSteel Slab Formwork
Place of OriginTianjin, China
Size of Flat
(more customized size available)
Size of Circular Column
 Formwork (more customized size available)
MaterialQ235 carbon steel
Surface treatmentPainted
ColorOrange, dark red, blue, or as you required
Welding techniqueCO2 arc Welding
CertificationSGS; EN12810
MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)100 pieces
Delivery time20days after deposit
PackageWithout outer packing or as you required
Production capacity100 tons for each day





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    1. What’s your advantage?

    1)Adjustable column formwork is made of a Q235 steel plate which is a heavy/light duty formwork system for concrete wall, beam, slab, and column.
    2)There are some ribs in the middle of adjustable column formwork that can strengthen the formwork more steadily.
    3)Coined edge can help to form a perfect concrete finish without bubbles.
    4)Adjustable column formwork is spray-painted against rustiness which can be reusable many times.
    5)Adjustable column formwork is the all-around panel for many construction areas.
    6)Ideal for all big and small construction sites’ requirements.

    2. Can you supply a sample for adjustable column formwork?

    Yes, adjustable column formwork products support sample service.
    But we need you to pay the sample fee for our adjustable column formwork sample.
    If you think our adjustable column formwork is good and order the product later, the sample price will be returned to you in an original way.

    3. What is your term of delivery?

    We accept EXW, FOB, and CIF price terms.
    1)EXW price is ex-factory price, excluding the price of subsequent transportation.
    2)FOB price is from the factory to Tianjin port, the subsequent transportation needs your own people or forwarder to transport to your port.
    3)CIF price is EXW price +FOB price + sea freight from our factory to your port. Sea freight is subject to the day of delivery.

    4. What is a template and its use in construction?

    1)In order to adapt to different Adjustable Column Formwork purposes, different types of templates can be provided.
    2)Nonetheless, each the Adjustable Column Formwork acts as a mold, into which the concrete is distributed to solidify into the shape that has been made.
    3)Today, a series of Adjustable Column Formwork types are used in construction. It depends on the type of structure being built and the project budget.

    5. Why is Adjustable Column Formwork so important in today’s industry?

    1)There are many reasons why Adjustable Column Formwork is important, but a very good reason is that templates cannot be replaced by any other technology.
    2)Using Adjustable Column Formwork, concrete structures can be quickly constructed in the most affordable way.
    3)During the entire construction phase, the Adjustable Column Formwork provides a proper passage and working platform, which greatly improves the safety of workers’ scaffolding.

    6.What are the advantages of using Adjustable Column Formwork?

    1)The template greatly reduces the Adjustable Column Formwork and cost of the project, which means that more projects can meet their budget needs.
    2)The Adjustable Column Formwork helps the construction manager to mobilize and release Adjustable Column Formwork resources accurately and on time, thereby improving project efficiency and resource utilization.
    3)The Adjustable Column Formwork provides excellent structural safety by providing solutions for all covered loads, resulting in a very safe and practical structure.

    7.What is adjustable column formwork?

    TSX’s adjustable column formwork is a steel frame formwork, punched in the panel to achieve the purpose of adjustment.
    The width can be adjusted from 20 cm to 80 cm, and the distance between the holes is 10 cm.

    8.What accessories are included in the adjustable column formwork?

    For adjustable column formwork, including tie rod, three-wing nut, screw and nut, and pull-push prop.

    9.What is the highest height of the adjustable column formwork?

    If it is a conventional style, the maximum height is recommended to choose 3 meters, If it exceeds 3 meters, need to add a reinforced tube, or customize the thickness according to the height.

    10. How Do You Choose a Adjustable Column Formwork Maufacturer?

    First of all, we need to consider whether the Adjustable Column formwok manufacturer conforms to national standards and environmental protection production capacity.
    Secondly, we need to consider the production capacity of the Adjustable Column formwork manufacturer, that is, how long the delivery time The delivery time of our Adjustable Column formwork manufacturer is usually 4-6 weeks.

    11. How much is the price of Adjustable Column formwork?

    The price of the Adjustable Column formwork is calculated according to the size and weight. The price is not fixed.
    It is necessary to check the real-time exchange rate and the market price of raw materials.

    12. What are Quality Certifications can you provide for the Adjustable Column Formwork?

    We can provide Steel Formwork Test Report for your reference.