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  •  Acrow For Sale Using Life is 5-10 years.
  • Acrow For Sale 3 Types: 40/ 48mm; 48/56mm; 48/60mm.
  • Acrow For Sale Surface Treatment: Galvanized, Powder Coated, Hot-Dip Galvanized

What Tianjin TSX can offer?

We can offer all kinds steel prop: Middle East type、Spanish type、Italian type.


Acrow For Sale Details

  1. Acrow For Sale with ribs
  2.  The normal diameter is 72 and 76mm
  3.  The purpose is to help the Acrow For Sale to increase the bearing capacity

Acrow For Sale Size

1. Heavy-duty Acrow For Sale with a diameter of 48/60mm
2. Adjustable length is 3.6m,the inner tube is 2m, and the outer tube is 1.8m
3. The surface treatment of the Acrow For Sale is powder-coated, and the color and logo can be customized

Tianjin TSX Only Provide Best Quality Acrow For Sale

The Acrow For Sale is a temporary and adjustable vertical load-bearing support that supports a temporary structure in a simple way. At the same time, Acrow For Sale are also commonly used to support buildings during maintenance.

Because the main purpose of the Acrow For Sale is to bring a cheaper but flexible alternative to other forms of building support. So far, Acrow For Sale have been widely used in construction sites around the world.

The Acrow For Sale also have pins to fix the pipe when it reaches the required length.

You can also use the welded threads on the outer tube to match the nut to fine-tune the length of the tube.

The biggest advantage of Acrow For Sale is its versatility, simplicity and flexibility. Acrow For Sale provide temporary support for various other tasks, including bracket support, and Acrow For Sale are not complicated at all. Installing them usually requires three simple steps

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