Acro Props For Sale

Acro Props For Sale are widely used in construction, temporary propping for walls, ceilings, and trenches, Formwork, and Acro Props For Sale raking shores.

There is a wide range for standard Acro Props For Sale size, including Size 0, Size 1, Size 2, Size 3, and Size 4. Acro Props For Sale Components Include Top and Bottom Base Plate, Acro Props For Sale Inner Tube in OD48.3mm and Outer Tube in OD60mm with Thread Sleeve for Adjusting as well as Acrow Prop Nut.

Acro Props For Sale

Acro Props For Sale Safety Load and Maximum Load is Tested At Each Height in KN.

Light Duty and Middle Duty Acro Props For Sale Steel Props to Middle East County is Available in Customized Include 2.2-3.9m Props, 2-3.6m Props, 2.5-4m Steel Props.

Painted, E-galvanized(zinc-plated), and Hot dip galvanized scaffold and formwork props are all available in customized.

Wellmade Scaffold offers Scaffold Prop Design According to Construction, Building and Formwork Height and Load Requirement.

Formwork Prop Formwork Prop Formwork Prop Formwork Prop Formwork Prop Formwork Prop Formwork Prop


Acro Props For Sale

What does Acro Prop include?


Acro Prop has inner tube with welded top plate

Acro Prop has outer tube with welded base plate

Acro Prop has nut and handle

Acro Prop has chain prop pins.

Acro Prop has 6 sizes to choose from, ranging from 610mm to 4331mm, and the axial compression working load limit ranges from 7kN to 42.5kN. (1kN >> 102kg).

Accessories can be used in all Acro Prop sizes.


Why choose TSX Acro Prop?

TSX Acro Prop is robust and durable

TSX Acro Prop is made of high-quality steel.

Acro Prop has outer pipes with rolled threads, which can maintain the thickness of the pipe wall to maintain maximum strength.

Acro Prop has a galvanized finish to provide long-life corrosion protection.



What is the process of TSX Acro Prop?


TSX Acro Prop is made of high-quality raw materials and then hot-dipped galvanized when it is manufactured.

The Acro Prop welding and threading processes are completed before the Prop hot dip, which means that all surfaces exposed to the environment are fully protected by the process.

All components of Acro Prop, including inner and outer pipes, bottom and top plates, and threads are fully galvanized.

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