High Quality Frame Accessories for Frame Scaffolding Construction

Diversified Use Of Frame Accessories

  • Base Jack of Frame Accessories
  • Cross Brace of Frame Accessories
  • Joint Pin of Frame Accessories
  • Wheel of Frame Accessories
  • Ladder Frame of Frame Accessories
  • Door Frame of Frame Accessories

The Details Determine The Quality of Frame Accessories

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    The form of frame scaffolding is like a door, so we call it portal or portal frame scaffolding. Including main frame, cross brace, joint pin, walking board, adjustable jack base, etc. This kind of scaffolding can give full play to the role of the frame, the stability of this form is very good, and the construction is also very good. This scaffolding is an ideal building material.

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    High Quality Frame Accessories for Frame Scaffolding Construction

    Frame scaffolding systems are used for floor supports, stairs, stage platforms, bridge supports, mobile towers, etc. Components include frame, walkway, joint pin, cross braces, locking pins, base jacks, casters.

    Main advantages of Frame Accessories:

    • Material of Frame Accessories: Q235 steel pipe or galvanized steel pipe.
    • Easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to move, strong carrying capacity, safe and stable.
    • Size, surface treatment, material, style can be customized.
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