Good Quality with Competitive Price Scaffolding Framework
Good Quality with Competitive Price Scaffolding Framework

Scaffolding Framework Where Be Used?

  • Scaffolding Framework in Construction
  • Scaffolding Framework Indoor
  • Scaffolding Framework in Daily Work

Type of Scaffolding Framework

The following content shows the conventional styles and dimensions of Scaffolding Framework, as well as the basic needs of building a set of Scaffolding Framework.

Scaffolding Framework with Good Quality

1.The style of the frame is the classic Scaffolding Framework .

2.Lock pin style is V-lock, which is a hot-selling style in the United States.

3.The Scaffolding Framework in the video adopts blue powder-coated surface treatment.

4.A set of Scaffolding Framework is assembled with two frames, two sets of cross brace and one plank.

  • Scaffolding Framework : 1700x1219mm
  • Main Pipe : Dia 42x Thick 2.5mm
  • Second Pipe : Dia25x Thick 2.0mm
  • Surface Fnish: Blue Powder Coated

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    Which Type Is Your Good Selling Item?

    In different markets, customers have different needs.
    In Africa, Kenya, South Sudan, and other countries, door frame scaffolding is a hot-selling item.
    In South America, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and other countries, ladder scaffolding is a hot-selling item.
    In Europe, European-style scaffolding is a hot-selling item.

    Scaffolding Framework Fast Delivery and Production
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    Focus on Scaffolding Framework for Ten Years
    Professional Advice on Scaffolding Framework

    TSX’s Vision Is To Become An Advocate And Leader Of The Safety And Stability Of Chinese Scaffolding Framework .

    Relying on our professional technology and the resources we already have coupled with the strong support of a complete technical Scaffolding Framework  team.

    We are actively preparing to continuously expand and diversify our service scope to meet the various needs of customers.

    Our excellence lies in the design, live installation, and 100% high-quality after-sales service, as well as the provision of Scaffolding Framework products, including all-around on-site support and perfect safety record keeping.

    For this reason, with many years of industry experience in Framework scaffolding, TSX will continue to provide unparalleled standards and requirements for world-class customers.


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