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  • With 16 years experience of experience in Scaffolding & Formwork products.
  • 30 R & D engineers to provide overseas technical support engineer.
  • The line of double quality inspection to ensure product quality.
  • 7*24h online to provide professional consulting services.
  • Efficient communication, on time delivery, save your valuable time and money.

Why TSX Groupe is Trusted by Global Leading Brands More than 1000 Clients

Many Kinds of TSX Scaffolding & Formwork Product Items to Support Your Project

  1. We supply all kinds of Scaffold & Formwork Products made of Carbon Steel like Door Frames & Ladder Frames, and so on.
  2. As an experienced Scaffold & Formwork Product manufacturer and factory in China, TSX Group has been in the field of Scaffold & Formwork Products for over 10 years.
  3. Our Scaffold & Formwork Products related testing report can be provided, And will provide you with the qualified Scaffold & Formwork Products solution according to your project’s or Business request.

Best TSX Hot Sale Products to Support Your Projects

Steel Prop

Steel Formwork

Steel Plank

Walk Thr Frame Scaffolding

Steel Prop

Ring Lock Systems

Our Clients Come from All Over the World

We have welcomed customers from various corners of the globe. Clients from Mauritius have explored our formwork products and production facilities. Visitors from Guinea have shown interest in our steel support products and production factories. From Mexico, customers have come to see our scaffolding products and production sites. Additionally, clients from Georgia visited our steel support production factory. We also had the pleasure of hosting cooperative customers from Singapore.

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TSX Steel Prop & Scaffolding Warehouse

TSX Formwork Application Scenario

Factory Overview

TSX Scaffold Prop Factory Overview

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1. How can I choose specifications about the Scaffold And Formwork Products?

You can tell us the height of your building or we can give you a suitable specification about the Scaffold And Formwork Products based on our experience in your market.
We also provide several sizes of Scaffold And Formwork Products for you to choose from.

2. Can I reuse Scaffold And Formwork Products?

Yes, of course.
You can purchase the Scaffold And Formwork Products once, and reuse them over 100 times.
In other words, the reusable Scaffold And Formwork Products will save you money and time again.

3. What are Quality Certifications can you provide for the Scaffold And Formwork Products?

We can provide ISO, SGS certifications, or as your request for the Scaffold And Formwork Products.

4. How to use scaffold and formwork products in construction?

Scaffolding is used as a support, and the constructor stands on it to build a formwork to facilitate cement pouring.
Scaffold and Formwork products are the two main product types required in the building system.

5. How do I choose scaffold and formwork products?

Choosing the scaffold and formwork products should be according to the market requirement Because different countries have different types of requests.
And it will be according to your project request also.
Please contact us to recommend a suitable scaffold and formwork products style for you.

6. What do scaffold and formwork products include?

Regarding the scaffold and formwork products, it includes scaffold door frame, ladder frame, ring-lock scaffold, steel props, galvanized pipes, and types of steel formwork, such as square column formwork, flat steel formwork, and etc.

7. What kind of Service can you provide about the scaffold and formwork products?

A.We offer our proposals, drawings of scaffold and formwork products, and quotations to the buyers or contractors of the construction projects.
B.We sell our scaffold and formwork products to contractors, building companies, or trading companies.
C.We support our worldwide peer companies with our outstanding scaffold and formwork products.
D.We provide remote instruction of the scaffold and formwork proeucts to the builders.

8. How to get scaffold and formwork products quote?

Send us inquiries or leave a message for the detailed scaffold and formwork products you need.
The quotation will be sent as soon as possible based on your requirement accordingly.

9. What is the scaffold and formwork products delivery time?

It depends on the scaffold and formwork products’ order quantity. Generally, the delivery time of the scaffold and formwork products will be around 15 to 35 days.

10. In addition to the Scaffold and formwork products themselves, what other parts are needed?

Besides the Scaffold and formwork products, some other steel building materials also will be needed sometimes.

11. Who can use and install the Scaffold and formwork products?

Scaffold and formwork products can only be installed, removed, or moved by appropriately trained workers under the supervision of qualified personnel.

12. How to prevent the Scaffold and formwork products from falling?

To prevent the Scaffold and formwork products from falling, a screen must be installed between the footboard and the middle rail to avoid someone needing to pass under the scaffold.

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